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Fragrance Friday | Lavender & Sage

Fragrance Friday | Lavender & Sage

At St. Eval, we scent our beautiful candles with a range of over thirty fragrances inspired by nature. As part of our new Fragrance Friday series, we'll be delving into each fragrance to explain the special meanings behind them, starting this week with the therapeutically herbal blend of Lavender & Sage.

Capturing the herbal healing of wild Cornwall this captivating fragrance has been made using a delicate blend of essential oils and 100% naturally derived ingredients. As we crafted the perfect fragrance with the inspiration to create a fragrance evoking moments of soothing mindfulness, we experimented with different scent combinations until we discovered the powerful partnership of Lavender and Sage.

Not only do these scents work to create a gorgeous aroma and transport you to the wilds of Cornwall, but both herbs have their roots in medicine and have been used as herbal remedies celebrated for generations.


Delicate and floral with charismatic green notes, Lavender is a lightly feminine fragrance popular the world over. Often celebrated for its medicinal purposes, Lavender is used by many as an aide for sleep and relaxation and is a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. Creating an anxiety-reducing ambience of calm and serenity, it was the perfect choice when crafting a fragrance to heal and soothe.


Sage's masculine earthy notes provide a harmonious balance to Lavender's energy, its woody accents pairing well to create a balanced fragrance that subtly delights. Sage has been used historically to purge spaces of negative energies and has long been utilised in herbal medicine due to its antimicrobial properties. Healing, cleansing and divine to smell; there was no herb better suited to our gently refreshing hand care range.

These powerful herbs supplement each other perfectly in our Botanical Hand Care Collection, gently cleansing and nourishing skin while leaving behind a subtle yet enchanting fragrance. Our Lavender & Sage Hand Wash showcases the duo alongside top notes of fresh spearmint and floral geranium, while the Lavender & Sage Hand Lotion pairs the herbs with nourishing shea butter and healing coconut; both recipes crafted to showcase and complement the best of what these healing herbs have to offer.

We would love to know which of your favourite St. Eval scents you'd love to see take the spotlight in our next Fragrance Friday. Share with us on socials @stevalcandles, or via email

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