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NEW | Therapeutic Botanical Body Care

NEW | Therapeutic Botanical Body Care

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and envisioned to capture the herbal healing of wild Cornwall, our Botanical body care collection blends pure essential oils and 100% naturally derived ingredients to protect and soothe against the elements, nourishing body and soul.

Alongside the soothing effects of our Lavender & Sage Botanical Hand Wash & Lotion, this collection now welcomes new body care products, perfectly crafted for peaceful moments of self-care.

Botanical Body Wash

St. Eval Grapefruit & Honey Myrtle Body Wash

Care for your skin with the beautiful formula of Grapefruit, Honey Myrtle, Mandarin, and Linden Flower essential oils with our new Grapefruit and Honey Myrtle Body Wash, leaving you with a fresh and peaceful feeling. Gently cleansing skin to leave skin feeling refreshed and uplifted, this harmonious blend of natural ingredients is a beautiful way to start your day.

Honey Myrtle is the perfect addition to your cleansing routine, with one of the key components of this essential oil being citral: a natural component famed for its purifying and antimicrobial properties, shown to soothe soreness and ease aches and pains. This pairs beautifully with the naturally occurring antibacterial effects of Geranium to leave your skin feeling refreshed. As your skin is gently cleansed, the aromatherapeutic benefits of our Linden Flower essential oil act to reduce stress and clear the mind working with Red Mandarin, which has been shown to calm the nervous system and aid in easing anxiety, to leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and at ease. 

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Botanical Body Lotion

St. Eval Chamomile & Linden Flower Body Lotion

Complete your daily routine with our new Chamomile and Linden Flower Body Lotion and leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully nourished with organic shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera for lasting hydration. Created with everyday self-care in mind, this soothing formula is perfect for soothing your skin and readying you for the day ahead.

Magnolia essential oil is used for stress relief and aromatherapy benefits, with a sweet floral scent that promotes feelings of relaxation and peace. Sweet Orange lifts mood and adds a fresh, citrusy aroma our nourishing lotion, while Roman Chamomile promotes anti-inflammatory action and can be used to help calm inflamed skin and ease arthritis. Our essential Linden Flower oil has both anti-aging and hydration properties; the major active constituents in linden are flavonoids and glycosides, both of which have water-binding properties to keep moisture locked in your skin for longer. 

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Perfect to evoke soothing and restorative peace and calm, this collection is suitable for vegans, is paraben-free and Leaping Bunny Certified (Cruelty-Free). Plus, both the bottle and labels are 100% recyclable.

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