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NEW | Botanicals Collection

St. Eval Botanicals Collection

Wellbeing in the palm of your hand

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, pure essentials oils and 100% naturally-derived ingredients come together to create something truly wonderful.

Envisioned to capture the herbal healing of wild Cornwall, our Botanicals Collection is crafted naturally to protect and soothe against the elements and nourish your body and soul.

Simple and pure, the herbal duo of Lavender and Sage hand wash and lotion both deliver a soothing effect to refreshingly cleanse and nourish, leaving skin soft and naturally hydrated.

Vegan Friendly I Essential Oils I Paraben-Free | Not Tested on Animals

St. Eval Botanicals Hand Wash

Lavender & Sage Hand Wash

Gentle on the skin to refreshingly cleanse    with top notes of spearmint and geranium: Botanical Hand Care – ST. EVAL (

St. Eval Botanicals Hand Lotion

Lavender & Sage Hand Lotion

Leave skin soft and naturally hydrated with nourishing shea butter and healing coconut oil: Botanical Hand Care – ST. EVAL (

St. Eval Botanicals Collection