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Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024

Here at St. Eval, we are immensely blessed to share such a close affinity with nature, seeking inspiration from the idyllic flora and fauna nestled amidst Cornwall and beyond. This Monday, we're celebrating Earth Day and taking time to reflect on this year's theme, a whistlestop tour on the day's history and the important symbolism of 'Earth Hour'. 

An annual celebration, Earth Day raises awareness for the protection of nature and natural resources, as well as honouring the outstanding achievements of the environmental movement. First organised in 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson was inspired by the 1960's environmental activism and Harvard University graduate student Denis Hayes

Inspired by the boost in environmental activism throughout the 1960's, United States' Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson combined forces with Harvard University graduate student Denis Hayes, hosting the very first Earth Day in America to educate and unite participants on the essential need for environmental conservation. Attended by 20 million people across the US, Hayes rolled this out this event in 1990 with a staggering over 200 million participants across over 140 countries, as his work and legacy continues today within the Earth Day Network, spanning over 190 countries supporting this mission year round. 

At it's core, Earth Day's values are rooted in the promotion of community and advocacy, platforming education and prioritising the planet in the wake of climate change. This year's theme is 'Planet v. Plastics', a call to action to spread awareness of the harmful health risks of plastics, encouraging the phasing out of all single-use plastics, advocating for a UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution and a demand for an end to damaging fast fashion. Driven by a vision to build a plastic-free, brighter, and more balanced world, Earth Day welcomes people across the globe to unite in respect for our incredible planet, taking hones of the vital small differences each person can make and pledging to live sustainably, one crucial step at a time. 

Concentrating it's energy on rebuilding connections as we remain mindful of our own, Earth Day offers us a time to reflect on the current climate crisis, ignite a symbol of hope and invite the influence of an inspired collective or company to generate positive changes.  Born out of an advocacy for our extraordinary Earth, Earth Day reminds us of the power beheld by the people, and that together we have a chance to reduce our environmental impacts and shape the space of our future planet for the better.  

We'd love to hear your small steps for sustainable living, and how you plan to celebrate this Earth Day on Instagram @stevalcandles or via email at 

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