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NEW | Garden Path Collection

NEW | Garden Path Collection

We are thrilled to announce our first new collection for 2024, Garden Path. This collection is inspired by the beauty of nature and the enchanting aromas of the outdoors.

Our Garden Path collection features three evocative fragrances: Walled Garden, Orange Blossom, and Sweet Pea, housed in pots designed with soft pastel shades that reflect the joyous colours of summer. Each ceramic is uniquely crafted with reactive glazes in a family-run factory in Portugal.

Infused with pastel shades of peony petal pink, subtly sun-kissed yellow, and true evergreen, each pot is unique and reflects the free-spirited essence of the coast and countryside.

Walled Garden 

---rose garden

Walled Garden is an elegant floral blend of hyacinth, rose and jasmine blossoms with soft notes of lily and bergamot. Delightfully light, this floral fragrance is the perfect candle to add a touch of freshness to your life. Poured into the true evergreen pot, this vibrant hue is the perfect stylish accessory to complete your home.

Our light green pot is inspired by garden greenery, making it a perfect addition to any space.

Discover Walled Garden  here.

Orange Blossom 

- -orange blossom

Orange Blossom encapsulates your senses with its charming citrus glow. An effortlessly bright and sprightly fragrance featuring notes of neroli, lavender and zesty lime. Beautifully uplifting, Orange Blossom is the perfect scent to complement the upcoming season of spring and bring sunshine into your home. Embrace the warm tones of this timeless ceramic pot in our subtly sun-kissed yellow pot.

The gentle hue of our sun-kissed ecru pot adds an air of harmony to any room.

Explore Orange Blossom  here.

Sweet Pea 


Sweet Pea is a soft, delicate aroma of sweet orange flower, rose and pink pepper with notes of musk and tuberose. Crafted to soothe the soul and uplift the mind, our Sweet Pea fragrance is a beautiful blend that combines the power of nature's paradise in perfect harmony.

This ceramic pot is inspired by peony petals and designed to exude timeless elegance. The soft pink shade adds sophistication to any space.

Explore Sweet Pea  here

Our Garden Path pots are perfect for repurposing, as they are durable and charming, you can use them as plant pots and jewellery holders or to store beach shells and other treasures. 

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