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Scented Stories of the Season | Winter

Scented Stories of the Season | Winter

At St. Eval, our greatest inspiration for our unique nature-inspired scents continues to be the incredible Cornish coast and countryside. As the world around us changes with each emerging season, we want to highlight the scents which enrich our lives and reflect on the exquisite beauty of nature.

As we battle the midwinter blues and fresh February breeze, there's no better time to indulge yourself with a treat for the home. Inspired by the untamed beauty of Cornwall, we've collated a few of our favourite must-have scents to seize the final few weeks of cosy days, evenings and nights spent predominantly indoors.


Sandalwood Scented Tin Candle on wooden shelf with a plant in the background

Awash with the benefits of nature, enthral with the essence and ultimate earthy scent with Sandalwood. Strike a match, spark joy and relish in the indulgent warmth of Sandalwood's deep woody and warming musk, featuring fresh notes of lively eucalyptus, herbal bay leaf and earthy patchouli.

Perfect to ease the mind and help you unwind, let the spirit of candlelight glow, glisten and soothe your surroundings with our Scented Tealights, Scented Tin Candle or stunningly scarlet red Mini Bundles.

Sweetening the soul with its distinctly rich and deeply smooth scent, cherish the gift of all-encompassing Sandalwood and treat yourself to a fragrance that stands the test of time and continues to be loved all year round.

Shop Sandalwood here.


Amber Folk Pillar

Rooted in the magical beauty of Cornwall, bathe in the cosy glow of candlelight and the softly soothing scent of Amber. Crafted by nature to awaken imaginations, engender great folk stories and stir creative souls, Amber promises refuge from the cold and embraces inspiration aplenty.

Inviting a blanket of warmth to ease the crisp midwinter nights, Amber's velvet-like blend of subtly honeyed almond, earthy musk and delicate floral tones invites a blanket of warmth.

Available in our sun-kissed Amber 3" x 4" Scented Pillar, Scented Tin Candles and perfectly giftable Scented Tealights, enlighten your nights with a series of beautiful products for all.

Shop Amber here.


Inspiritus Scented Celestial collection white and gold pot

Grasping lightly onto the seasonal spices of wintertime, our spellbinding Inspiritus whisks away the midwinter chill with its perfectly spicy fragrance blend.

Boasting a delightful fusion that combines the aromatic richness of cloves with warming spices, Inspiritus basks in the beauty of yearly festivities and enchants the everyday.

Witness the wonder of true candle craftsmanship intertwined with the stunning blend of aromatic spices, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet hints of vanilla on a woody sandalwood base. Dip your toes into the magic and spice up your home.

Shop Inspiritus here.

Treating ourselves to the gifts beheld by nature, we hope you find solace and spark joy amidst every season. We'd love to hear all about your favourite seasonal St. Eval scents on Instagram @stevalcandles or via email at