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International Women's Day | Empowering Women, Illuminating Lives

International Women's Day | Empowering Women, Illuminating Lives

Here at St. Eval, we feel immensely lucky to have such an incredible team behind the scenes, working tirelessly to craft beautiful products that enhance the lives of our customers and communities far and wide.

While we honour and appreciate the incredible women of St. Eval year-round, International Women’s Day provides us with a special moment to shine an extra light on their outstanding contributions.

As a female-founded and majority-owned company, we've been in awe of the power of brilliant women since our very beginning. We are so proud to stand among the 27% of B Corp companies in the UK that are female-owned or led.

St. Eval founder, Sara Young Jamieson

Sara Young-Jamieson, St. Eval Founder & Creative Director

Our Founder, original candle crafter and Creative Director, Sara, guides the way with the power of candlelight. Deeply connected to the natural world, Sara is a huge advocate for the wellbeing benefits that candles can offer a space, the mind and the soul. Igniting her undeniable creative vision for candles almost 30 years ago, Sara's close affinity to nature can be felt throughout our unique fragrances and stunning designs. 

Whilst the average UK manufacturing company predominantly comprises 85% men and 15% women, at St. Eval, we defy this norm with a team comprised of 56% women. We aspire to balance the divide and foster greater inclusion of women within manufacturing.

Nicky (Quality & Compliance Administrator), Jo (Production Manager) & Lynne (Production Operative).

Throughout St. Eval, you'll find a field of inspirational women who go above and beyond expectations at every turn. These women lie at the heart of St. Eval's mission to create sustainable candles and nature-inspired fragrances, infusing every aspect of our work with their incredible energy for positive change.

Whether they're hands-on in the factory, testing products in the lab, or supporting behind the scenes in the office, each and every woman at St. Eval brings something special to the table. 

To the wonderful women at St. Eval who inspire us each day, thank you. 

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