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Celebrating St Piran's Day

Celebrating St Piran's Day

Here at St. Eval, nestled in Cornwall's breathtaking natural scenery, we cherish our connection to the land and its rich history. March 5th holds a special significance as we honour St Piran’s Day, commemorating the contributions of this great saint and celebrating the beauty of the county we call home.

Legend has it that Saint Piran, upon his arrival on the Cornish coast, serendipitously unearthed tin, a momentous event that catalysed the flourishing tin mining industry, shaping Cornwall's identity for generations. This historic revelation also gave rise to the iconic black-and-white flag, a symbol deeply intertwined with Cornwall's heritage.

In celebration of St Piran's Day, we are sharing some of our most loved locations around Cornwall’s coast and countryside and the candles inspired by their beauty.

Chapel Point | Mevagissey | Tranquillity Sea & Shore Candle

Chapel Point is based between the idyllic coastal town of Mevagissey and the quaint village of Gorran Haven.

Known for its incredible views, part of Chapel Point's captivating charm is the enchanting coastal walks that take you there. Our team adores the picturesque walk from Mevigassey with its sweeping ocean views and journey through quaint coastal villages, which provides a sense of serenity and connection with nature that is truly unmatched.

Tranquillity Sea & Shore Candle

Bring the magical wonders from Chapel Point into your home with our Tranquillity Sea & Shore candle. Relax with the soothing and relaxing blend of lavender, zesty orange, and ylang-ylang with notes of rosemary, patchouli and sweet vanilla.

Explore the collection here.


Coverack | Lizard | Sea Salt Coastal Candle

A beautiful fishing village, Coverack is located on the sheltered eastern coast of the Lizard peninsula of West Cornwall. This picturesque village has abundant natural beauty, surrounded by unique geology, sparkling seas and rugged coastlines.

With a cosy café on the seafront, striking rock formations across the beach and fun water sports activities tucked into the scenic cove, there’s a variety of things to see and do. This enchanting sea village is unforgettable thanks to its mesmerising natural beauty and rich maritime history, becoming one of Cornwall's most beloved coastal villages.

Sea Salt Coastal Candle

Add a sparkle of Coverack magic to your home with our Sea Salt scent, available in our two-toned Coastal pots. This unique scent combines fresh marine fragrances with salty notes and floral undertones resting on a musk base; a timeless coastal scent. 

Explore the collection here.



Nanjizal Beach | Land’s End | Sea Mist Coastal Scented Tin Candle

Nanjizal Beach is a beautiful and secluded cove on the South West coast of Cornwall, a mile below the iconic landmark of Land’s End. This serene beach contains natural stone sculptures, caves and fresh waterfalls.

Some of its most well-known features include the Diamond Horse; when caught on a glorious day in the summer, this spectacular sculpture can be seen glistening with its white quartz vein running through it. Another magical wonder can be found on the south side of Nanjizal beach, called ‘Zawn Pyg’. This enchanting phenomenon is also known as the Song of the Sea, with its famous archway is carved into the weathered cliffside. This untouched beauty is a top spot for us with its incredible sculptures and unspoiled views.

Sea Mist Coastal Scented Tin Candle

Illuminate your space with a touch of the Cornish seaside with our Sea Mist fragrance. With the soft and delicate scent of sweet vanilla, coconut and fresh bergamot with notes of orange, lily and a fresh sea breeze. Exclusively in our Coastal collection.

Explore the collection here.



Bedruthan Steps | North Cornwall | Wild Gorse Sea & Shore Candle

Bedruthan Steps, also known as Carnewas, is one of the most spectacular locations on the North coast of Cornwall and just a stone’s throw away from our factory in Engollan. Famed for its awe-inspiring cliff-top vistas over the cast Atlantic Ocean, as spring unfolds the towering rock stacks and headlands burst into a vibrant canvas of wildflowers creating a truly picturesque haven.

Bedruthan Steps holds a special place in our hearts as this peaceful clifftop location is a mere 10-minute drive from our front door. Though you’re unable to access the beach itself due to a rock fall a couple of years ago, there are incredible panoramic views which make this stretch of coastline so popular. Part of the South West Coast Path, explore Mawgan Porth or Porthcothan which are both accessible via this scenic route.


Wild Gorse Sea & Shore Candle

Crafted to encapsulate the essence of our Cornish roots, Wild Gorse is a unique blend of powdery blossoms with just a hint of creamy coconut and warm vanilla. Close your eyes and be transported to serene moments of coastal springtime bliss.

Explore the collection  here.


Our candles are carefully crafted to capture the unique essence of Cornwall. From the salty sea breeze to the rugged landscape, we have incorporated all the extraordinary elements that embody the spirit of these landscapes. With our products, you can experience the magic of Cornwall in the comfort of your home.

We’re excited to hear about your favourite locations in Cornwall. Share with us via email at or on social media by tagging us with @stevalcandles. We can’t wait to hear about your favourite spots in Cornwall.

Happy St Piran's Day/ Gool Peran Lowen!