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Sustainable Spring Flower Workshop with Sophie Flowers

Sustainable Spring Flower Workshop with Sophie Flowers

Earlier this month, we sponsored a beautiful flower workshop with the talented Sophie Flowers at Cabilla here in Cornwall. It was a celebration of late spring, with an array of beautiful blooms and enchanting fragrances filling the barns. 

The workshop was a delightful immersion into the art of floral arrangement. We each crafted wild and whimsical table designs using locally grown flowers, herbs, and foliage. Each creation was a unique expression of the season, blending vibrant colours and lush textures with a joyous spirit of creativity and the soothing scents of spring scented candles adding to the atmosphere. 

Sustainable Techniques with Terracotta Pots

A highlight of the workshop was Sophie's showcase of sustainable ways to repurpose our terracotta Victorian herb candle pots. Drawing inspiration from our immediate environment, Sophie demonstrated how to harmonise scents, textures, and colours to create stunning arrangements. An innovative tip shared during the workshop was the use of chicken wire inside the terracotta pots. This simple yet effective technique helped keep the stems upright and ensured the arrangements remained balanced and visually appealing.

A Celebration of Local Flora

The workshop emphasised the beauty and importance of using locally sourced flowers. By choosing British blooms, we not only support local growers but also reduce our environmental footprint. The herbs and foliage used added a unique touch to each arrangement, enhancing the sensory experience with their natural fragrances.

Join Us Next Time!

This workshop was a beautiful reminder of the joy and serenity that comes from working with nature. Whether you are an experienced florist or a budding enthusiast, our workshops offer a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and create something truly special.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event. Until then, happy gardening!

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