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The Power of Scent | Mental Health Awareness Week

The Power of Scent | Mental Health Awareness Week

Here at St. Eval, we seek inspiration from our close affinity with nature and let the powerful scents of the coast and countryside guide us seasonally through daily life.

Heralding our attention, enchanting our senses and soothing our mind, delightful fragrance has the power to effortlessly enhance your space and elevate your mood. Scent can influence feelings, evoke memories, and induce relaxation, making it a powerful tool for promoting wellbeing. Whether through candles or diffusers, incorporating beautiful fragrances into daily routines can effectively uplift spirits, reduce tension and foster a sense of calm and balance in both mind and body. 

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we delve into the intricacies of three beloved fragrances: Bay & Rosemary, Lavender and Orange Blossom.

Bay & Rosemary

Bay and rosemary candle

One of our most popular fragrances, Bay & Rosemary is a unique blend of freshly picked rosemary and cooling bay leaf with deep, earthy pine notes and woody accords.

Known for its soothing properties, bay leaves have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and aromatherapy practices. The essential oil derived from bay leaves contains compounds such as eugenol, which exhibits anti-inflammatory properties including relaxation and calming anxiety.

Rustled rosemary

Just as bay eases the strain on the mind and body, rosemary's striking and tenacious aroma serves as a great stress reliever, uplifting the spirits and believed brain function amidst feelings of mental fatigue and lethargy. Rosemary is believed to help balance those disruptive mood swings, ease insomnia and sharpen your mind. 

Available in a range of products, shop Bay & Rosemary in our iconic kraft scented tin candles and tealights, stunning hand-poured multiwick candle built to last or adorn your home with this evocative scent in our reed diffusers which last up to 3 months, plus so much more.

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Renowned for its calming properties, our Lavender fragrance is a true lavender aroma with notes of fresh mint and sweet plum to create a complex fragrance reminiscent of fields of lavender in bloom.

Cherished especially in the world of meditation, the soothing scent of lavender infuses, purifies and cleanses a space, setting peaceful intentions at centre stage and channelling an abundance of positive energy into play. Linalool is a major component of lavender essential oils and is believed to have anxiolytic effects which help ease stress levels, soften emotions and promote relaxation. 

Lavender fields

Deep-rooted in the art of versatility, lavender's spiritual symbolism and perception as a prized possession trace back hundreds of years throughout history, and in certain spiritual traditions, lavender is intrinsically linked with the divine feminine and the goddess Venus - evoking sensations of love, beauty and sensuality.

Designed to light for the ultimate unwind, set your home awash with the herbal healing of wild Cornwall and indulge in the mindful moments and deep-set serenity of freshly picked lavender in our beloved kraft tin candles and tealights, terracotta style candle pots or multiwick candles.

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Orange Blossom

 Orange blossom tin canle

Flaunting the gifts of delicately sun-kissed wildflowers and the magical delight of the Mediterranean, Orange Blossom is the ultimate trailblazer and testament to the summertime. Seizing the joyful nostalgia of the season, this paradisical bouquet exudes the effortlessly bright aroma of flowering orange blossoms, neroli, lavender and freshly picked zesty limes.

As an essential oil extracted from the flowers of bitter orange trees, neroli bears a wonderful gift and a whole host of tranquillising effects for the mind and body beyond the beauty of the fragrance.

Orange blossom neroli

Bound by science, aromatherapy and undertones of spirituality, neroli's citrus superpowers have garnered undeniable favour beyond the modern day as iconic Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci dabbled amid perfumes and aromatic oils, with neroli believed to be his timeless favourite prized for stimulating his intellect, seizing his contemplation and igniting his creativity whilst undertaking highly celebrated pieces of work like the Renaissance Man.

A blessed flourishing of life, giver of light and bringer of all things warm and bright, neroli shines in our alluring Orange Blossom scent in our iconic kraft scented tin candles and tealights, beautiful cream ceramic pot in our Garden Path collection and our Lamorna collection of candles and home fragrance.

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Journeying through life on our own paths, each person invites candlelight into their lives for a whole host of different reasons. Offering a perfect rite of passage to the realm of wellbeing whatever that means for you, the ever-growing cherished rituals speak to a candle's power to embellish the home in the scents of the great outdoors, alleviate the mind and shine a nourishing light through a sometimes overcast sky or darkened tunnel. 

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