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Moments of Mindfulness | Mental Health Awareness Week

Moments of Mindfulness | Mental Health Awareness Week

Every May, the Mental Health Foundation invites us to join in Mental Health Awareness Week, a time to shine a light on the issues that matter most for our mental wellbeing. They use this special occasion to start conversations about topics that affect us all, hoping to build understanding, support, and positive change in how we view and tackle mental health challenges. 

This annual event serves as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on mental health issues that significantly impact our overall health and wellbeing. This year, the theme is movement. With our bodies and minds connected, one of the most important things we can to to help protect our mental health is regular movement, yet many of us do not meet the recommended amount of activity. 

Did you know, as little as 15 minutes of movement a day has been shown to positively impact mental health. Movement, such as yoga, dancing, and exercise, releases endorphins, natural mood elevators, which can help mitigate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.  

Yoga combines movement with mindfulness, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. Regular exercise improves sleep quality, boosts self-esteem, and enhances cognitive function, in improving mental health. Incorporating movement into your routine can profoundly benefit your physical and psychological wellbeing. 

At St. Eval, we believe in the power of simple rituals and sensory experiences to promote relaxation and inner peace. With movement bringing a host of mental health benefits to all, here are six additional tips to help you incorporate mindfulness and wellbeing practices into your daily routine, each paired with a St. Eval candle to enhance your experience: 

  1. Meditation


Meditation offers a way to relax the mind and find inner peace. It cultivates mindfulness while promoting emotional wellbeing and resilience. By making it a core part of your self-care routine, you can discover yourself and find solace in life's challenges. 

Light our Tranquillity Scented Tin Candle to transform your meditation practice into a rejuvenating and calming experience. It's the perfect way to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere and promote deep relaxation.  

  1. Music


Music positively impacts mental health and promotes wellbeing. It reduces stress, and anxiety, improves mood and motivation, and offers comfort during difficult times. Engaging with music encourages mindfulness, offering a transformative experience that uplifts the spirit. 

Create a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your space by pairing your favourite music with the soothing scent of Bergamot & Nettle. The refreshing aroma of bergamot combined with the herbal notes of nettle will help create a harmonious ambience that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.  

  1. Getting Creative with Crafts


Creative crafts like knitting, crocheting, pottery, drawing, painting, and more provide a therapeutic outlet for self-expression, boost self-esteem, and promote mindfulness. Creating something with your hands can help calm the mind and offer a soothing escape from daily stress. 

Indulge in the refreshing scent of Sea Salt and let it transport you to a tranquil seaside retreat. The warm glow and invigorating aroma will reawaken your senses and inspire creativity.

  1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises focus on the breath activates the relaxation response, reducing stress levels, and regulating physiological reactions. Practising deep breathing techniques can improve oxygen flow to the brain, enhance cognitive function, and help maintain a state of calm.  

Relax and clear your mind with Bay & Rosemary. The herbal notes will soothe your senses and promote mental clarity. Indulge in a moment of tranquillity and let the beautiful fragrance of our candle surround you in pure bliss. 

  1. Getting Outside Amongst Nature


Spending time in nature can significantly impact mental health in a positive way. It provides a peaceful and calming environment, which can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Being outdoors encourages physical activity, boosts the release of endorphins, and promotes mindfulness. Engaging with nature can uplift your spirit and contribute to nurturing your mental well-being. 

Experience the refreshing aroma of nature within the comfort of your home with Thyme & Mint. Let the natural fragrance of thyme and mint uplift your spirits and rejuvenate your mind, filling your space with a refreshing and revitalising aroma. 

  1. Journaling


Journaling is a personal conversation with oneself, offering a peaceful haven for the mind and spirit. It's a safe space where thoughts and emotions can flow freely without fear of judgment. Whether capturing moments of gratitude, untangling daily complexities, or allowing creativity to unfold, journaling is a powerful practice that nurtures the soul. It's a testament to the power of introspection, providing comfort during difficult times and leading the way to self-discovery. 

Create a cosy and inviting ambience in your home with Fig Tree. This comforting fragrance encourages a relaxing experience, perfect for a calm and mindful evening. 


By incorporating these simple practices into your daily routine and enhancing them with the sensory experience of St. Eval candles, you can nurture your mental well-being and cultivate a sense of peace and balance. Remember, self-care is essential, and taking time for yourself is a powerful act of self-love. Embrace these tips and discover the transformative power of mindfulness and well-being.  

You can find more support and information on Mental Health Awareness with charities Mental Health Foundation, Mind, and Mental Health UK.  

We’d love to hear how you’re spreading kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week. Let us know via email or on social, @stevalcandles. 

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