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Nature's Garden | The Story of the Dragonfly

Nature's Garden | The Story of the Dragonfly

Coloured with blues and greens like precious gemstones, dragonflies are a sight to behold as they dart between leaves and branches, their wings moving almost imperceptibly as they dance through the sky. Here in the UK they’re a staple of summertime, hovering over gardens and bodies of water as we enjoy the warmer weather, a silent presence with wings that glisten in the sun.

These majestic insects serve as the inspiration behind one of our newest candle pots, so we've dedicated this special blog to them and their interesting lives.

A Mythical History

While today dragonflies are mostly just appreciated for their jewel-like beauty, they have a long history in folklore and have often been seen as a mysterious omen strongly associated with magic and myth. Viewed as a messenger between our world and the next, dragonflies are said to guide us and they’re often seen as symbols luck and fortune; fisherman have long used them as indicators of a good fishing ground, and it’s said that if a dragonfly lands on you that you’ll be blessed with good news.

Dragonflies belong to the Odonata, an order of flying insects that also includes damselflies and while the two insects do differ in physicality they share an interesting link to Greek mythology. The larvae of both dragonflies and damselflies begin their lives in water and can stay there for up to three years before they take flight. They are commonly called nymphs and naiads after the Ancient Greek water nymphs, who in mythology were famed for their beauty and close connection to the water.

Ecosystem Importance

In their own unique way, dragonflies are as beautiful as bees and butterflies but did you know that they differ from these other insects as they do not pollinate? While the fact that they aren’t pollinators might bring people to conclude that they aren’t important – that couldn’t be further from the truth. An important predator, dragonflies help to control the population of smaller insects like mosquitos while also serving as prey to species of birds and fish.

Present on every continent apart from Antarctica, dragonflies also serve as important bioindicators to scientists, who rely on their presence in an environment to discern its oxygen levels and water quality.

Nature's Garden Terracotta Dragonfly Candle Pots - St. Eval

In awe of dragonflies, their rich folk history, beauty, and their important role in our ecosystem we’ve created a candle to celebrate them. Part of our new Nature’s Garden collection which celebrates our affinity with the natural world, these pretty pots are adorned with charming dragonfly carvings and poured with our new Garden Greens fragrance, reminiscent of the balmy summer months where these beautiful creatures come to life.

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