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Candle Safety

 St. Eval Sea Salt Scented Tin Candle

Candle wisdom - naturally inspired

Below we have included some useful advice on how to get the best from our candles.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

Top safety tips for burning candles

Our candles come with a safety label.  This is to ensure customers are well informed on the correct and sensible use of our products.

In addition to standard safety guidelines, please see below some key advice when buying and using our candles.

  • Ensure the wick is kept trimmed to approximately 10mm in length to control the flame height and burn time.

  • Avoid burning candles in draughty areas to encourage an even burn

  • Burn candles for 3-4 hours at a time to achieve optimum burn and longevity. We recommend burning our smaller tealight candles for 1-2 hours at a time.

  • There should be a liquid pool of wax covering the entire surface of the candle from edge to edge before the candle is extinguished.

  • For our pillar candles, please light it as close to the wax as possible so that the wax pool starts to melt. The pillar candle should then burn out to approximately 1cm from the edge and the sides of the candle will then start to curl inwards. As the candle continues to burn it should then become its own holder and you should be left at the end with a small concave wax bowl.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or around children and pets.

We love seeing you display your St. Eval pillar and tealight candles in beautiful holders and lanterns but please be mindful of the size of holder you are using as the wrong size lantern influences the way your candle burns. The size of the pillar will be dependent upon the size of the lantern, but as a general guide you need at least 3"-4" from the side and top of the candle to the side and top of the lantern to ensure that you get a good airflow. Without this, the lantern will act as a chimney causing the candle to burn very hot and very quickly.

The marvellous multiwick 

When our multiwick candle is carefully lit, notice that a pool of wax will begin to form around each wick.  As it continues to burn, the individual pools with join together.  On a 3 wick candle the pools join to form a shamrock shape.

Leave the wax to continue to burn until approximately 1cm from the edge of the candle before being extinguished.  This should take around 3-4 hours and each subsequent burn should be around this time to ensure it burns evenly.  The side of the multiwick should then gradually start to curl inwards and the centre hollow out.