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On the Farm

Our farm is a wonderful haven for wildlife and our inspiration for new products and fragrances.  We strive to tread softly on the earth, so protecting our natural environment is important to us.  

On the traditional working farm, we cultivate mixed arable fields and nurture livestock as well as protect the wildlife in our surrounding fields and hedgerows.  Find out about some of our farm projects below:

Protecting Birds

Following an RSPB bird survey, there were several breeds spotted which are on a red watch list, meaning they are endangered such as Barn Owls, House Sparrow and especially some Corn Buntings. We work closely with the RSPB and Natural England to create and evolve a true haven for wildlife.  We have created a viewing area that looks out across our fields, with the sea in the distance, as the perfect place to spot wildlife, take a few snaps and renew the soul.  If you're visiting our candle factory and would like to take a few moments to connect with nature, do come and sit by our fields.

Our Corn Bunting Project

 At the Farm, some fields are managed with late hay cut to give safe nesting areas for the farm birds. There are unharvested spring barley areas to provide food and safe habitats.

A network of wildflowers and rough grass margins around the fields also attract the insects that corn buntings feed their chicks on. Management that is targeted at corn buntings is really good for lots of other species too particularly arable plants and butterflies. We know there are corn buntings using areas very close by so we are extremely hopeful that soon we will be able to see and hear them!

For more information on corn buntings or managing land for farmland wildlife please contact RSPB Cornwall. 

Protecting Bees

The summer of 2013 saw our first attempt at a Bee Garden blossom into life. The verge leading up to the workshop and office was planted with various bee friendly flowers, in the height of the summer the noise was incredible as the bee population thrived.  We hope to see this project buzz into life again in the near future.