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Environmental Policy

Here at St. Eval, people and the planet are at the heart of our business. Being based on a working farm we are acutely aware of just how important the environment is and how vital it is that we all look after it. This awareness leads us to invest heavily in renewable energy, with the installation of Solar PV, Biomass Boilers and a Wind Turbine all here on site as a direct result. This helps keep our emissions low and carbon footprint at a minimum, as well as taking care of the environment and being at the forefront of the latest technology and processes.

We've even won awards for what we do, proudly winning both the Cornwall Sustainability Award for ‘Best Medium-Sized Business’ and the Cornwall Enterprise Award for ‘Most Sustainable Business’. Most recently, we have been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. This is the first ever Queen’s Award for a candle manufacturer and represents the highest accolade for business success and sustainability.

As all responsible companies do, we actively seek to understand the economic, social and environmental impacts and risks within our organisation to take positive steps to minimise these.

We recognise that our business activities interact with the environment in many ways and are continually looking at ways to minimise this impact. Our business activities have an impact in the key areas of:

  • Energy use;
  • Raw material use;
  • The generation of waste materials;
  • Our work practises.

We know we have a responsibility to help protect the environment wherever we can. Our factory in Engollan is surrounded by peaceful country lanes adorned with wildflowers with the striking blue Celtic Sea on the horizon - every day we are reminded of the natural beauty we are lucky to be surrounded by. We are committed to helping protect this, both locally and on a wider scale. To do this, we are committed to:

  • Using renewable energy in our production;
  • Actively looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Recycling wherever possible;
  • Reducing

We adopt this Environmental Policy as first and foremost a key benchmark for our day-to-day business operations, but also as part of a mindset throughout the company; something for everyone to be conscious of. To achieve these commitments, we will take positive action, such as:

  • Implementing processes that identify the aspects of our business which have an environmental impact and establishing their significance.
  • Set clear targets for reducing our environmental impact and maintaining an environmental performance improvement programme to enable them to be achieved.
  • Ensuring that our employees, suppliers and customers are aware of environmental objectives and are made aware of any support required by them to help us achieve these commitments.
  • Provide training for our employees in good environmental protection practices and encourage employee involvement in environmental improvement initiatives.
  • Continually monitoring the environmental impact of our business activities.

Businesses must understand the risks and take ownership of the impacts their business has on the environment - here at St. Eval, we are committed to doing just that. As all businesses do, we are continuously evolving our practises and growing as a business, with these aims at the forefront of our focus:

  • Sustainable design and innovation across our product development, factory site and office space;
  • Increased transparency across our supply chain;
  • Reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions;
  • Reusing and recycling as an integral part of our day-to-day business operations.

The implementation of this Environmental Policy is viewed as fundamental to the success of St Eval Candle Company as a business and is embraced by all our employees as an integral part of our daily work – from switching off lights and recycling as much waste as possible to reimaging collections and the way we work, we’re fully committed to helping our environment in any way we can.