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Beautiful Tablescaping for Easter

Beautiful Tablescaping for Easter

Spring is finally here, and with Easter fast approaching it's the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with those that we love. As we gather for special family dinners and days spent together enjoying the warmer weather, it's a wonderful time to wow your nearest and dearest with gorgeous Easter displays.

We've put this special guide together full of hints and tips for a wonderful Easter tablescape.

What is Tablescaping?

Whether you're getting everyone together for a home cooked meal around the dining table, or you're planning an al fresco dinner out in the sun, tablescaping is a wonderfully easy way to add a special finishing touch to the proceedings.

Table-settings have been used for hundreds of years to create atmospheres and convey messages about host’s and their backgrounds, and in recent years the newer art of tablescaping has become a hugely popular trend centred around beautiful, thoughtful displays to complement get togethers and celebrations. 

Striking Dinner Candles

St. Eval Dinner Candles & Speckled Candle Holders

A visually striking and versatile addition to your Easter décor, our Coloured Dinner Candles are a perfect way to set the mood, adding playful colour to your table. Bringing height and elegance to your setting, these gorgeous candles work for both indoor and outdoor occasions, adding a pop of colour with a palette of eleven modern and vintage hues to suit any theme or backdrop.

These delightful additions pair beautifully with our Speckled Candle Holder for a perfect finishing touch.

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Wonderful Scents

 St. Eval Rhubarb Tin Candle

As well as the aesthetic look of your table, keep in mind that scent is an incredibly strong sense, acting powerfully on the limbic part of our brain to conjure memories and emotions. When we surround ourselves with beautiful scents, especially those inspired by nature, we can create a wonderful ambience to complement our visual displays. Scenting your space with a St. Eval fragrance inspired by the beautiful natural world is another great way to set the scene this Easter. 

Our gorgeous Rhubarb fragrance from our delightful Summer Folk collection is one of our favourites at this time of year, filling the air with the fruity, summer garden scent of sweet rhubarb with top notes of pineapple and pear warmed gently with a sweet vanilla base.

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Tips for a More Sustainable Table

Reusable Easter Crackers

Whilst picking out new additions for your décor is incredibly exiting, from crafting to upcycling, there are also so many fun ways to make your table more sustainable. Our wonderful Project Development Manager Elizabeth created these stunning reusable crackers, pictured, ready to delight her guests during joyful Easter celebrations, and they're so easy to put together! 

To create your own reusable crackers, you will need:

  • Outer and lining fabrics of similar weights.
  • Thread to match trim colours
  • Decorative trimmings
  • 2 Ribbon ties approx. 45cm long
  1. Cut 1 fabric rectangle out of the outer and 1 out of the lining to the size you require plus 1cm seam allowance. These are approximately 25cm x 33cm.
  2. Cut your trimmings to the correct size and pin onto your outer fabric. Sew these onto the fabric. Press.
  3. Put the right sides of the fabrics together and pin the edges together.
  4. Using a straight stitch, sew all the way around the outer edge, 1cm from the edge, leaving a small gap to turn the cracker right side out.
  5. Trim the corners. Turn the cracker to the right sides out. Press the edges ensure a crisp neat edge.
  6. Slip stitch by hand the opening closed. Press.
  7. Fill your tube with treats and roll up inside the fabric. Tie the ends closed with your ribbon pieces.
  8. Place on your table and enjoy! 

As well as crafting your own beautiful additions, you may also be able to find existing treasures around your home that work perfectly to bring your tablescape to life. Trinket dishes, vases, sea glass and other finds can make wonderful accessories to your table without having to buy anything new.

If you do decide to buy new items for your spread, remember that the candles, holders, and decorations you use for your beautiful tablescape can be reused and enjoyed around your home, so always make sure to pick things that you love and know that you’ll enjoy beyond your event. The same goes for any cutlery or crockery that you use, too!

We hope that you all have a wonderful Easter, enjoying special moments throughout the long weekend surrounded by friends and family.

We'd love to see your beautiful Easter tablescapes and displays, share with us via email to, or on socials @stevalcandles.

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