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The Art of Easter Tablescaping

The Art of Easter Tablescaping

As we navigate through the intricate world of home décor, there’s an art that transcends the simple act of setting a table for a meal. It’s called tablescaping, and it’s a beautiful fusion of creativity, style and functionality. 

At the heart of this art lies the power of details, from colour and functionality to scent and ambience. Whether you're hosting an intimate meal for two or a larger gathering for friends and family, set the scene and delight your guests this Easter. 

Read on for some helpful tips for your Easter tablescape.   

Beautiful Dinner Candles 

Spring  is often associated with soft, delicate tones that evoke feelings of freshness, purity and vitality. If you're looking to add a touch of spring to your table setting, our Coloured Dinner Candles are destined to delight. With a palette of twelve vintage and modern colours to choose from, each hue tells a story, and every flame ignites a sense of warmth and elegance. 

The first step is to choose a colour palette that resonates with the mood you wish to convey. Whether you opt for bright hues to energise the space or soft pastels for a tranquil atmosphere, we have a range of options to suit every preference.  

Available in gift boxes of 6, or our slightly longer 10” Dinner Candles in boxes of 12. 

Layer elements on your dining table to add depth and visual interest. Pair these striking dinner candles with our speckled dinner candle holder in varying heights and place amidst lush greenery, delicate florals, or textured fabrics to create a multi-dimensional display. 

Explore more of our Coloured Dinner Candles here and discover our Candle Accessories here

Scents of Spring 

Bring the sweet smell of spring to your Easter table with delicate floral and fresh aromas with our Sweet Pea, Grapefruit & Lime and Bay & Rosemary scents. Our nature-inspired fragrances are carefully crafted to evoke the essence of the season, providing a long-lasting aroma to accompany you while creating cherishing memories that last you a lifetime. 

Sweet Pea is an enchanting fragrance that will transport you to a captivating garden in bloom. These pretty flowers are a staple of summer, and our Sweet Pea aroma captures their aroma beautifully. Delicate notes of musk and tuberose combine with sweet orangeflower to add a mesmerising depth to the scent. Our Sweet Pea fragrance is the perfect accompaniment to flourish your dazzling Easter tablescape. 

Explore Sweet Pea here

Add a charming touch to your Easter ambience with our Grapefruit & Lime Reed Diffuser. This refreshing blend of uplifting grapefruit and zesty lime with hints of fresh bergamot and spearmint is the perfect addition to get your home Easter-ready, greeting your guests with a warm and zesty welcome. 

Explore Grapefruit & Lime here

Our most-loved fragrance, Bay & Rosemary, is a timeless scent inspired by a quintessential English country garden. Fill your safe haven with the delightful aroma of herbal bay leaf and the invigorating freshness of rosemary. This unique blend is further enhanced by deep, earthy pine notes and woody undertones, creating a multi-layered fragrance that is both refreshing and calming for your guests while they enjoy their Easter banquet.

Explore more of our Bay & Rosemary range here.

Room Decoration

As daylight fades and evening descends, the gentle glow or flickering candles creates a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for intimate dinners or celebratory gatherings. 

Meticulously crafted using a blend of traditional and contemporary methods, our classic Church candles are the perfect addition to your Easter dreamscape, placed in the centre of the table or around the room to create a heartfelt warm glow to all corners of your space.

Explore our Church candles here

Sustainable Handmade Crackers 

Infuse your dining table with creative flair with these sustainable handmade crackers. From crafting to upcycling, there are also so many fun ways to make your table more sustainable and this is one of our favourites.  

Our lovely Project Development Manager, Elizabeth, shared how she made these wonderful crackers with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination which reflect the jot and spirit of Easter.You will need: 

  • Outer and lining fabrics of similar weights. 
  • Thread to match trim colours 
  • Decorative trimmings 
  • 2 Ribbon ties approx. 45cm long 
  1. Cut 1 fabric rectangle out of the outer and 1 out of the lining to the size you require, plus 1cm seam allowance. These are approximately 25cm x 33cm. 
  2. Cut your trimmings to the correct size and pin onto your outer fabric. Sew these onto the fabric. Press. 
  3. Put the right sides of the fabrics together and pin the edges together. 
  4. Using a straight stitch, sew around the outer edge, 1cm from the edge, leaving a small gap to turn the cracker right side out. 
  5. Trim the corners. Turn the cracker to the right side out. Press the edges to ensure a crisp neat edge. 
  6. Slip stitch by hand the opening closed. Press. 
  7. Fill your tube with treats and roll up inside the fabric. Tie the ends closed with your ribbon pieces. 
  8. Place on your table and enjoy!  

If you do decide to buy new items for your spread, remember that the candles, holders, and decorations you use for your beautiful tablescape can be reused and enjoyed around your home, so always make sure to pick things that you love and know that you’ll enjoy beyond your event.  

So, gather your crafting suppliers, unleash your imagination and prepare to delight your guests with a truly unforgettable Easter dining experience.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy special moments surrounded by friends and family throughout the long weekend. We'd love to see your beautiful Easter tablescapes and displays; share with us via email at or tag us on social media @stevalcandles