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Fragrance Friday | Fig Tree

Fragrance Friday | Fig Tree

Here at St. Eval, we feel truly blessed to live and work closely surrounded by the stunning Cornish outdoors, and we're lucky to have such a gorgeous source of inspiration right on our doorstep. We are constantly conjuring up new and exciting fragrances, taking inspiration from the beauty of nature and our close affinity with the natural world.

While we enjoy the last weeks of summer, our charming Fig Tree scent is sure to evoke warmth and joy inside the home, and this week we're taking you behind the fragrance, delving into this sweet and fruity scent. 



The rich history of fig is a testament to their enduring popularity and cultural significance. From ancient rituals to modern culinary delighs, their sweet and succulent taste continued to be cherished by people around the world. Did you know, Ancient Greeks regarded figs as a sacred fruit associate with Demeter, the goddess of agriculture? Figs were also often offererd in rituals and ceremonies. 

The soothing fig notes in our Fig Tree fragrance is like a slice of Medterranean paradise. It captures the essence of plump, sun-ripened fgs, releasing a sweet, honeyed aroma with a hint of earthiness. 



The history of blackcurrants is a journey that takes us from their ancient use in herbal medicine to their modern-day recognition as a nutritious and versatile fruit. Overcoming controversies and restrictions, blackcurrants have found their place in global cuisine and continue to be appreciated for their distinctive flavor and health-promoting properties.

The inclusion of blackcurrant in our Fig Tree fragrance brigns a burst of energy and brightness to the aroma. Imagine a basket filled with freshly picked blackcurrants, their tangy and tart aroma mingling with the fig's sweetness. 

Tonka Bean

Tonka Beans

These small beans have journeyed from the heart of South American rainforests to European kitchens and beyond, leaving a fragrant mark on the history of gastronomy andcherished for centuries for their unique fragrance and flavour.

Tonka bean is the comforting base note that anchors our Fig Tree fragrance. With its warm, vanilla-like scent, tonka bean adds depth and sensuality to this delightful aroma. Tonka bean's slightly spicy and almond-like undertones make it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia and cosiness in their fragrances.

The fresh scent of Fig Tree is a soothing fragrance of fresh, fruity figs combined beautifully with notes of blackcurrant and tonka bean on a base of warming musk.

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