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Nature's Garden | The Story of the Bee

Nature's Garden | The Story of the Bee

From a soft breeze rustling the leaves, to the melodic chirping of crickets and pretty singing of birds, as nature flourishes in the summer months there’s no shortage of instruments taking part in this unique symphony of wild music. Just as bees themselves play such a vital part of our ecosystem, the determined and cheerful buzz that accompanies bees as they flit from one flower to the next is perhaps one of the most striking and important notes of this delightful song.

These beautiful, hard-working insects serve as the inspiration behind one of our newest candle pots, and so this special blog is dedicated to them and their interesting lives.

Fascinating Mythology

Bees have featured in countless myths and folk tales across the centuries from cultures the world over. Honey and beeswax have long been an important resource for humans, and as such they’ve also been an important feature in our stories and our cultural identities; often characterised as magical creatures, their honey is often shown to be a divine gift from the gods, reflecting our deep love of the sweet and golden treat.

Though nobody knows exactly when it began or where it originated from, one of the most well-known myths relating to these wonderful insects is ‘Telling the Bees,' an old tradition found here in England and in other European countries. It’s said that to keep your bees happy and content in their hives you must speak with them, confiding in them all of the important events that happen in our lives from births and deaths to marriages and departures in order to keep them from leaving their hives and to keep them producing tasty honey.

A Vital Role

Just as bees are an important figure in folklore and mythology, they also have a starring role in the health of our planet's ecosystem. While some may only think that bees are important for the honey that they produce, in fact, one in every three bites of food eaten worldwide depends on pollinators, especially bees, for a successful harvest. Bees are an important pillar of a healthy ecosystem, and the growth of many plant species relies on these remarkable insects as they fly from flower to flower transferring pollen and allowing plants to grow. 

Nature's Garden Bee Candle Pot

Here at St. Eval we are committed to protecting and supporting wildlife. Our new wildlife space has been created in partnership with amazing local companies such as green&blue and Happy Habitats plus many more, and is full of stunning native and non-invasive species of flora to encourage bees and other pollinators to the area, and we've also included bee bricks to the site, further encouraging these marvellous insects to make their home here at St. Eval. 

Inspired by bees, their expansive mythological history, and the vital role they play in our planets ecosystem we’ve crafted a candle to celebrate them. As part of our new Nature’s Garden collection, celebrating our affinity with the natural world and the wildlife haven we have on site, these pretty pots are adorned with charming bee carvings and poured with our new Geranium scent, a unique fragrance evoking the joy of nature in the summertime.

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