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New | Introducing Copal

New | Introducing Copal

We are so delighted to introduce the newest fragrance addition to our best-selling kraft Scented Tin Candle Collection - Copal.

Perfect to create a soothing ambience, Copal is a relaxing woody scent with soft citrus notes for a deep sense of calm.

Copal Tree Resin
(Pictured: copal resin) 

Often burned to utilise its calming, therapeutic effects to alleviate stress and anxiety, copal is a naturally occurring aromatic tree resin often used as incense and in herbal medicine to calm the mind and spirit.

Inspired by these calming effects, our Copal fragrance has copal and amber as base notes, with top notes of lemon and black pepper for a warming twist to create a scent that's deeply comforting.

Paired with the natural kraft and simple label design of our kraft range, our Copal Scented Tin is perfect for multiple decors, both inside the home and in outdoor spaces, and makes the perfect gift. With a lid that can be used to keep the candle free from dust and debris, our versatile tins are great to take travelling and for safe storage too.

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