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NEW | Lamorna Collection

NEW | Lamorna Collection

At St. Eval, we are constantly curating new and exciting fragrances which celebrate and commemorate our close affinity with the natural world. We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new collection, Lamorna. Inspired by our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in West Cornwall and home to a collection of natural rapeseed wax candles and maxi tealights.  

Celebrating the simple elegance of nature, our Lamorna Collection encompasses five evocative scents showcased beautifully in classic Glass Candles and Maxi Tealights. 

Bay & Rosemary 
Bergamot & Nettle 
Orange Blossom new 
Sandalwood & Cedar new 
Sea Salt 

In honour of the Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty which inspired us, Lamorna Cove, we created beautiful gift packaging perfectly pairing colour with fragrance. The array of coloured gift boxes emulate the soothing palette of the Cornish countryside, with its enchanting coastal blues, herbal green hues and warm earth tones.  

Lamorna Collection

Our collection boasts two brand-new scents: Orange Blossom and Sandalwood & Cedar. 

Orange Blossom  

St. Eval Candles Lamorna Glass Candle Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom encapsulates your senses with its charming citrus glow. An effortlessly bright and sprightly fragrance, featuring notes of neroli, lavender and zesty lime. Beautifully uplifting, Orange Blossom is the perfect scent to complement the upcoming season of spring and bring sunshine into your home 

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Sandalwood & Cedar  

St. Eval Candles Lamorna Maxi Tealight Sandalwood & Cedar

Sandalwood & Cedar captivates you with its enchanting blend of woody scents and herbs. Discover this unique combination of sweet berries, vetivert and amber -infusing deeper and sweeter scents. This scent immerses you within a warm and soothing aroma.  

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NEW Glass Candles 

St. Eval Candles Lamorna Glass Candle

Presented in gently frosted glass candles, the stunning simplicity compliments any décor and shines a sparkling light on the etched St. Eval mark of quality when lit. Enjoy a fantastic burn time of up to 33 hours.  

NEW Maxi Tealights 

St. Eval Candles Lamorna Maxi Tealights

Indulge in our luxurious new maxi tealights and bask in the gloriously glistening candlelight for longer, with a burn time up to 12 hours each. 

Dedicated to treading lightly on the earth, all elements of this collection are able to be reused or recycled. Our glass candle jars can be beautifully repurposed, encouraging you to indulge in a gift that keeps on giving. 

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Lamorna Cove Cornwall
Pictured: The rugged coastline surrounding Lamorna Cove, Cornwall.

We’d love to know your feedback on this new range and our two brilliant new fragrances. Share with us your favourite fragrance or product, or simply how your St. Eval candle brings warmth and joy, on social @stevalcandles or via email to 

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