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Spring in Cornwall

Spring in Cornwall

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes. With trees in bud, flowers in bloom and birds singing in the morning sun, spring is well and truly in full swing. We wave goodbye to the daffodils which filled the early start of the season and embrace the beautiful bluebells adorning our woodland and hedgerows filled with golden gorse flowers. 

Historically May brings with it a wealth of tradition in Cornwall, from the ‘Obby ‘Oss celebrations in Padstow’s May Day (celebrating the Celtic festival of Beltane), to maypoles and processions lining the streets of St Ives and the Furry Dance in Helston on Flora Day.

Obby Oss Day is said to be the oldest dance festival in the country and celebrates the Celtic festival of Beltane - dedicated to the return of the Celtic sun god Bel, that causes the crops to grow and the hours of daylight to lengthen. Each year thousands of people line the streets of Padstow to celebrate one of the oldest May Day traditions in the country. See the beautiful 'Obby 'Oss maypole below.

Image: Padstow May Day  ©  Rod Allday 

The ancient festival of Floral Day is traditionally held on May 8th and is a Spring festival, celebrating the end of winter and marking the arrival of the new vitality with the trees and flowers bursting into life. Helston is decorated with beautiful greenery and floral arrangements to express the spirit of renewal; the houses, shops and pubs all get involved! See TJ's Barbers beautifully decorated below.

Image: Helston Flora Day © Derek Voller 

Although given the current circumstances these traditional spring celebrations will not be going ahead as planned this year, we look forward to even bigger celebrations for next year. But for now, there are also great ways you can celebrate May Day at home:

  1. Make a May Day flower crown

Everyone, children and adults can embrace the beauty of springtime with a pretty flower crown. The simplest way to make a flower crown is to twist branches into a circle and add flowers from your garden – easy!

  1. Plant some spring flowers

Celebrate May Day by planting flowers to watch bloom as the season unfolds. Pansies, daisy, poppies, sweet peas and marigolds are all perfect to plant this time of year.

  1. Go on a nature walk

As part of your daily exercise, explore your local woodland, park or nature trail. Why not enjoy the walk as a family and have fun spotting beautiful flowers, wildlife and (of course) jumping in muddy puddles. 

May Day is a celebration of the seasons changing and the halfway point between spring and summer and celebrated in many countries around the world. As we welcome the lighter evenings and warmer weather we are greeted by the sights and sounds of Cornwall waking up. 

Although the current circumstances mean we aren’t able to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring season as we typically would, luckily, we have plenty of spring-inspired fragrances to bring the bounty of this beautiful season into your home.


Bluebell Wood

Bluebells adorning our wild woodlands with their striking blue appearance and soft scent is a sign of spring transitioning to summer. Nothing is quite as spectacular as a field of bluebells on a sunny day surrounded by sweet bees in search of nectar. Bring the delicate aroma of bluebells into your home with our Bluebell Wood candles.

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Sea Salt

A walk by the sea, breathing in the fresh crisp sea air is one of life’s simple pleasures and one we miss dearly. Whilst we cannot spend time at our usual favourite spots, you can bring the fresh scents of the coast into your home with our Sea Salt candles and be transported to your favourite Cornish beach from the comfort of your living room.

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Wild Gorse

In late spring the wild hedgerows bask in a beautiful golden glow. These magnificent yellow flowers have a delightful coconutty scent and flavour which can be used like rosewater to flavour delicate desserts. Our Wild Gorse candles bring this rich coconut scent, reminiscent of sunny holidays, into your home.

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Spring Flower

Nothing says spring like a garden brimming with flowers in bloom. Our Spring Flower fragrance captures the delicate floral aroma of green hyacinth, rose and spring flowers, perfect to subtly scent your living space with the fresh scents of outdoors.

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What fragrances are you enjoying at the moment? And have you tried any of our May Day celebration suggestions at home? We’d love to know. Share your images and comments with us on social media @stevalcandles, or via email