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Celebrating Summer

Celebrating Summer

Here at St. Eval, we’re seizing the summer season and celebrating Cornwall’s scents, sights and sounds. Blessed with an abundance of beautiful nature waiting to be explored, we’ve curated a quick list and top tips on how to embrace the best of summer in Cornwall with our favourite coastal walks.

Let the sunlight entice you into the great outdoors, as we help guide you through some incredible nature walks:

Pentire Headland Walk 

Venture 3.4 miles across the stunning sights of Pentire Point, a circular North Cornwall coastal walk brimming with a wealth of wildlife. Amidst your 2-3 hour stroll, journey through history as you encounter the Rumps, an Iron Age hill fort located on the cliffs edge. On a clear day, take in the panoramic views of Stepper Point, Doyden and Tintagel as you breathe in the soothing fresh sea air. A prime site for spotting rare birds in flight and sun soaking seals swimming close to shore, the National Trust landscape boasts a bounty of natural beauty destined to be discovered.

Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps

Image of Bedruthan Steps

Overlooking Bedruthan Steps and the sheltered Porth Mear Cove, this dog friendly stretch of coastline is just a stone’s throw away from our farm nestled in North Cornwall. A 4.5 mile stretch of rock stack scattered coastline, feast your eyes on the extraordinary power of nature and Bedruthan’s popular claim to fame. Overlooking Bedruthan Steps, indulge in freshly filled rolls, Cornish pasties or homemade cream teas from Carnewas’ local and family run tearoom to fuel your journey. Boasting accessible parking, access to clifftop views and level terrain, Carnewas is a convenient location which allows all audiences to experience the wondrous world of wildlife with ease.

Gribbin Head Walk

Another National Trust protected treasure, the Gribbin Head Walk is a captivating trip across coast and countryside delights. A whistlestop tour of historical significance, the 4 mile walk explores the famed setting of several acclaimed Daphne du Maurier novels. Commencing at Coombe Park, journey across the coastline and feast your eyes on the 26 meter towering daymark. Built in 1832, this red and white striped token of history can be seen for miles and still aids ships’ navigation into Fowey and St Austell Bay today. As you travel across Fowey’s estuary, transport your eyes and treat your taste buds with a bite to eat in Fowey’s bustling town. Inundated with cafes, bakeries, restaurants and pubs, there’s plenty of sights to admire and food to adore.

Scent and Landscape

Immersing the senses in the power of scents is a euphoric and often reminiscent experience. With nature as our muse, we are constantly inspired by the blissful fragrances found amongst nature.

Bluebell Wood

Image of Bluebells in a Woodland

Found flourishing from here to northern Spain, there remains something quintessentially English about a blooming bluebell cluster. Woven within various folklores and fairy enchantments often associated with Cornwall, the magic of bluebells extends beyond the folk tales. Boasting a fresh floral fusion with tenaciously crisp green notes, bluebells can be found blooming effortlessly from late March to May at Lanhydrock and Caerhays Estates within Cornwall. Capturing this wondrous scent, our Bluebell Wood fragrance transforms any space with its stunning floral and springtime delight.

Wild Gorse

Generously dispersed across the landscape of Cornwall, wild gorse’s sun coloured petals shine a joyfully vibrant light amidst heath and coastal grasslands. Typically flowering between January and June, wild gorse offers a soothingly warm, powdery and sweet scent. Adding an extra glistening glow to your living room, our Wild Gorse scent is reminiscent of springtime strolls amidst Cornish country lanes and uniquely blended with a hints of vanilla to uplift.

Sea Salt

Engulfed in areas of outstanding natural beauty, Cornwall’s golden beaches and picturesque coastlines are adored for their beauty and wellbeing benefits. With the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes, feel the fresh salty scent of the sea breeze air soothe your soul. Our cleverly crafted Sea Salt fragrance helps the mind unwind wherever you are. Letting the dazzling might of candlelight dance, embrace the waves of our uniquely ozonic and citrus scent. Featuring fresh marine scents and salty accords, our beloved Sea Salt scent welcomes the enchanting power of nature indoors.


Summer Recipe | Red Pepper Hummus

As summertime’s swung around, as has our passion for picnics. Fueling your body on the go and in the heat, often it’s the simple home luxuries which make our meals complete. Welcoming the season of al fresco dining, we’re dipping into the nation’s love for hummus with a red pepper twist:

You will need:

  • 410g can of chickpeas
  • 1 large garlic clove
  • 2 roasted red peppers
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp olive oil and a generous serving for drizzling on top

Simple seven step method:

  1. Add your drained and rinsed chickpeas into your blender
  2. Peel, crush and add your chickpeas and garlic with as much salt and pepper as desired
  3. Blend until smooth
  4. Remove the seeds from the pepper and add to the blender with your lemon juice and olive oil. Blend again.
  5. Take time for the essential taste test, and add more seasoning if necessary
  6. Once done, spoon into a bowl or Tupperware to take on the go
  7. Add the olive oil drizzle, and enjoy with healthy cucumber and carrot sticks or delicious crisp snacks

We hope that this snippet of summertime in Cornwall inspires your future trips, and reminds you of the wondrous power of glorious food amidst our natural world. By embracing its beauty and exploring its vastness, we can reap the remarkable mindfulness benefits of nature.

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