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Earth Hour | Living More Sustainably

Earth Hour | Living More Sustainably

On Saturday 26th March at 8:30pm we took part in WWF's annual Earth Hour event, switching off our lights along with millions of people across the globe in a moment of solidarity to support people and the planet.

Earth Hour is an amazing initiative raising awareness for climate change, and following on from this years' switch off we're taking its inspiring message of climate consciousness further and sharing more small changes that can help us live more sustainably.

Switching off after Earth Hour

One of the easiest ways for us to reduce our environmental impact is by taking more time to switch off and use less energy. Turning off devices that we aren't using, switching off lights when we leave a room and limiting our time using electronic devices are all easily implementable changes that can make a real difference to our individual energy usage. Why not also try planning in more electronic-free time to spend walking amongst nature or curling up with a good book by the light of your favourite St. Eval candles?

Travelling sustainably

Our busy lives often mean that we spend a lot of our time using our cars travelling to and from work, to see our friends and family, and to visit new places in our free time. Whenever it's possible, why not try an alternative method of travel? Walking and cycling are fun ways to get from A to B while also enjoying fresh air and getting some exercise, and public transport is a great way to travel while cutting down on emissions!

Caring for our wild spaces

Escaping into nature is one of our favourite ways to spend our free time, enjoying the stunning beauty of our local surroundings and renewing our connection to the natural world. While we love to explore, we are also committed to treading softly on the Earth and we strive to leave wildlife as we found it while we're enjoying it. Sticking to designated paths, respecting the flora and fauna of an area, and taking all of your belongings and rubbish with you are just some of the ways that you can leave wildlife as you found it for others to enjoy.

Learning about the planet

One of the best ways that we can become better advocates for the environment is by keeping ourselves informed so that we can better understand the threats it faces and the ways in which we can help. There's a wealth of knowledge and research out there and it can sometimes be daunting knowing where to begin; Earth Hour have an amazing page of learning resources and it's a good place to start if you'd like to learn a little more! Find their information page here.

We'd love to hear about any tips and ideas you have for how to live more sustainably, share with us on socials @stevalcandles, or via email