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Folk - Supporting the Arts

Folk - Supporting the Arts

FEAST harnesses the many talents and energies of Cornwall’s artists and communities to create inspiring opportunities for people to come together and enjoy high quality arts as participants and audiences. Bringing artists together with community volunteers to launch or invigorate local festivals and events. 

Following the launch of our new Folk Collection, inspired by the magical beauty and folklore of Cornwall, we are so pleased to support the Arts with a percentage of our Folk Collection going to two incredible arts charities - Creative Kernow and Acting for Others.

Creative Kernow successfully launched the FEAST Re – Ignition Fund in March, at the very beginning of lockdown, to help artists bring their creative skills to offset some of the worst social effects of the health pandemic while keeping people safe. 

In this blog series, we wanted to shine a light on the fantastic projects Creative Kernow's FEAST and Re-Ignition programme helps to support. Here are just some of the incredible projects who have benefitted from funding and helped spark creativity, escapism and moments of togetherness when needed it most.

Potch Performance

FEAST funded project Potch Performance

Potch Performance Company are working with the staff at Heartlands to bring a new intimate experience for the local community. Come on a journey of piskies, tiny creatures and spirits who protect and guard our natural world. From each weekend in September you’ll be able download or stream these little people’s stories online and discover their new tiny homes throughout Heartlands and fairy door trail through the Diaspora Gardens, all for families and children of all ages to enjoy safely and in their own time. 

Learn more about this enchanting project and how to get involved here


SheProducer FEAST funded project

SheProducer is a new community that encourages women making music in Cornwall to embrace technology and take control of their own recordings. It connects and promotes those who record and release their own sounds, and inspires and trains those that currently can't or don't.

For more information about this incredible project, visit here

Journals and Zines

FEAST funded project Journals and Zines - Karen Howse

Zines pronounced ‘zeen’ like the end of magazine are diy publications on any subject. Cornwall's young people have been enjoying relaxed making sessions as part of the Journals and Zines project. Open to all, and not just artists, they have been learning how to make zine structures and play with ideas for content. The sessions are run via zoom and are interactive and fun. Welcome pack, online tutorials, and the chance to meet up when we are able, for a ‘Zine make and cake day’ at Launceston Library. 

Zines are a veritable bricolage of images, texts and messages, in book form. At a time when we are on our screens more than usual, there is restorative value to good old fashioned cutting and sticking. This is a free FEAST funded project to creatively navigate our way through these times. Email Karen at: or visit their Facebook page here

Surrounded By Sound by Emily Alden

Emily Alden - Surrounded by Sound

A collection of immersive soundscapes from the shores of the Helford River and Falmouth beaches in Cornwall. These unique recordings give the listener an extraordinary feeling of physical space as dancer & choreographer Emily Alden walks, sits and dances along the shoreline. Recorded in 2019 as part of the research for a live touring performance work exploring ordinary, everyday sound through Emily's experience of hearing loss, the soundscapes also capture life pre-pandemic.

Share the soundscapes with friends and family, rekindle memories and escape through sound to Cornwall. Learn more about this inspiring project here

Creative Kernow FEAST Projects

Supporting our local community, empowering creative collaboration, and improving well-being is at the heart of what we do at St. Eval and why we chose the FEAST Programme.

We have seen our friends in the arts really struggle during these difficult times and wanted to bring a sense of hope and inspiration through our folk candles and the amazing projects Creative Kernow are facilitating. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign by purchasing a Folk Tin Candles and in turn, directly supporting these wonderful projects and more. Explore our new Folk Collection on our website   here