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Behind The Scenes at St. Eval

Behind The Scenes at St. Eval

St Eval Candle Company was born from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand in the family farm house kitchen. 25 years later, we still use the same traditional artisan methods as we believe they are well worth preserving. 

Each candle is unique and ever so slightly different. We apply a combination of artisan methods including Drawing, Pouring and Moulding so that each candle is made with a personal touch and ensure a product superior in quality, style, fragrance and burn. Do you know how your favourite St. Eval candle is made?

Drawing machine with candles


We have two incredible Drawing machines, often running simultanously especially in the run up to Christmas. These machines are a triumph in efficient, traditional manufacturing. They work by gently pulling the cotton wicks through molton wax in a figure of eight motion until the desired diameter is achieved.

Candle being taken off the drawing machine

These candles are then taken off the drawing machine onto long tables, to be carefully cut...

Hand finished dinner candles

... and then milled by hand, before being packed into their boxes and shipped to our wonderful customers. 

The drawing machines are rolling daily to create our long dinner candles and small pillar candles. We have a range of scented or unscented and, in our dinner candles, a pallete of ten vintage and modern colours to perfectly complement the home. 

Pouring jug for candle wax


We hand pour our unique blend of wax and fragrance into all shapes of pots and tins.  The wick is fixed to the base of the vessel and wax poured in gradually, allowed to set and then gently topped up. Fragrance runs through every drop of wax in our scented candles, so that you can enjoy your favourite St. Eval scents until the very last flicker.

Earth & Sky pot hand poured in Cornwall

We take care during this process to ensure a consistent and superior burn to enhance your candle experience.

Hand poured moulded candles


This is where our craft started over 25 years ago. These beautiful candles look fantastic as table centre pieces, on altars, in candle holders or lanterns too.  They can be arranged together for an elegant display and are often used for weddings or to complement the home. 

At Christmas, we have a whole array of fragranced coloured pillars and multiwicks to bring festive cheer into your home. Picture below are our green Winter Thyme pillars cooling off before getting their dazzling gold finish.

Winter Thyme candles cooling off

Keeping traditions alive is rooted at the heart of St. Eval, we use these traditional artisan methods of candle making as we believe they worth preserving. If you have any questions, we invite you to share with us on email or via social @stevalcandles.