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Reading Inspiration | The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber and Nicola Bayley

Reading Inspiration | The Mousehole Cat by Antonia Barber and Nicola Bayley

Welcome yourself into the world of Cornish folklore and become enticed by the magic of The Mousehole Cat as we celebrate the return of lighter and brighter spring days.

The Mousehole Cat Book Cover Image

Transporting you to the sensational seaside village of Mousehole amidst West Cornwall, The Mousehole Cat is a family favourite picture book by Antonia Barber, featuring stunning illustrations by Nicola Bayley.

Creatively reimagining the Cornish legend of local fisherman Tom Bawock, Barber cleverly crafts the character of Tom’s effortlessly handsome and trusty cat Mowzer, whose voice is our guiding light throughout the tale. All is seemingly well when we are warmly welcomed into Mowzer's world, from the busy and bustling village life to the days spent with her beloved pet human, old Tom. Each week, Tom treats Mowzer to an indulgent array of her favorite freshly caught fish dishes, from morgy-broth to star-gazy pie, as the pair share several years of perfectly peaceful and harmonious companionship.

Yet one year, everything starts to change. As the skies begin to grey and the sea starts to rage, we are reminded of the truth within Barber’s tale, and the history of the fishermen’s strife. Whilst the village of Mousehole nestles safely behind its strong harbour wall, its fishing boats are hopelessly trapped. Unable to escape and fish for the families, the threat of famine starts to loom amidst the wrath of the restless Great Storm-Cat, as the village of Mousehole longs for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Grappling with the elements and the mighty power of nature, Barber’s tale is a test of community and humanity, unveiling a snippet of Cornish history still commemorated and celebrated today. Barber’s heartwarming and beautifully told story shines a light on the strong bond between village folk, as well as the undeniable love and loyalty of a man’s best friend. Her spectacular story is brought to life with Bayley’s exceptionally eye-catching illustrations, captivating the hearts of readers old and young. Held in high regard by many proud Cornish communities across the coast, The Mousehole Cat is a wonderfully moving tale, destined to be read, shared and enjoyed by families far and wide.

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We hope you enjoyed our book review of this beloved Cornish tale, and that you find comfort in the power of pairing fragrance with a spellbinding book.

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Wishing you a delightful spring season filled with adventure, from the St. Eval team.

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