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Fragrance Friday | Bluebell Wood

Fragrance Friday | Bluebell Wood
Image credit:  @abigail_takes_photos on Instagram

Nestled amidst the nature-adorned coast and countryside of North Cornwall, we at St. Eval feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so much natural beauty. Inviting the light indoors, we take inspiration from the most wondrous elements of Cornwall and pay tribute to the captivating surroundings which are our muse.

This week we explore a spellbinding scent that shines in the spring season, as we delve deeper into the origins of Bluebell Wood. With notes of wild bluebells, elegant rose and vibrant jasmine, this unique fragrance is created to emulate the fresh aroma of a woodland filled with bluebells in the height of spring.


Image of Bluebells in a Field

Found flourishing from Cornwall to northern Spain, there remains something quintessentially English about a blooming bluebell cluster. Woven within various folklores and fairy enchantments, bluebells were believed to be used by the mischievous beings to capture humans, and that to pick or trample on a bluebell is to be led astray by fairies- wandering lost forevermore. The magic of bluebells extends beyond the folk tales, with bluebells’ sticky sap historically being used to bind books together, and as glue for feathers’ arrows amidst the Elizabethan era. Perceived as a symbol of humility, constancy and gratitude, bluebells’ scent boast a fresh floral fusion with tenaciously crisp green notes.  


Image of Pink Roses

Globally recognized as England’s national flower, the Tudor Rose is one of a staggering 30,000 roses in existence today. Crowned a symbol of peace and ending the War of the Roses, they evoke our strongest emotions from feelings of love, passion and admiration. Believed to be an Asian native, the powerful spread of roses occurred due to gradual crossbreeding, producing the vast variety of garden roses so commonplace today. Roses’ captivating but complicated scent stuns with its remarkable range of wonderfully woody, sensationally fruity or effortlessly floral and feminine notes. Offering a sense of rich warmth, rose aromatherapy aids anxiety and depression- enchanting the senses whilst soothing the mind.


Image of Blossomed Jasmine Flowers

With immense cross-cultural popularity, Jasmine originates from the Himalayas, China, and the Middle East and India can now be found almost worldwide today. The deep affection for Jasmine blossoms throughout religion and spirituality, with its name deriving from the Persian ‘yasmin’, meaning ‘gift from God’. A striking symbol of spiritual ascension, Jasmine is a climbing plant believed to embody the ability to overcome and grow from each obstacle, empowering and encouraging you one step closer to spiritual enlightenment. Commonly placed in leis, Jasmine blossoms are cherished as a cordial gift for visitors in Hawaii, just as it is customary in Asia to warmly welcome guests into the home with a piping hot cup of Jasmine tea. Jasmine’s fascination extends to its beautifully fruity, floral and rich notes, as Jasmine’s charming combination of feminine sweetness and masculine wildness boosts the fusion of fragrances- making it so universally attracted. Perfectly paired with rose, jasmine’s fragrance adapts and uplifts with a more prominently fresh, dewy and green scent.

Our cleverly crafted and beloved Bluebell Wood fragrance lets the dazzling might of candlelight dance, as the sensational scent of floral paradise enchants the senses. Flawlessly celebrating the scents of the spring season, Bluebell Wood welcomes the wonderfully powerful and soothing scent of nature indoors.

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