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  • Enjoy it | Your special candle moment
  • Sara-Jayne McKinty

Enjoy it | Your special candle moment

Enjoy it | Your special candle moment

Author: Charlotte Moth

We treat ourselves to a new candle and display it proudly in our homes as a beautiful ornament to be admired with our décor. It’s beautiful and it’s your favorite scent, reminiscent of your holiday in Cornwall and the little shop you purchased it from on the picturesque North Coast. It looks great on the coffee table; the smell is filling the room even though you haven’t lit it yet. But, you don’t plan on burning it just yet… you’re going to save it.

But, why wait?

We are all guilty of saving things, holding on to them for the perfect occasion or moment. This Christmas, we invite you in lighting that candle with us: the perfect moment is right now.

Candles have the power to enhance our experience, set the mood, lift our spirits and bring joy into our homes. With the season-to-be-jolly already upon us, let’s all seize the moment together and discover the joy in lighting that candle.

Setting the scene

Light your candle this evening and get cosy, with your favourite book or festive film. Candles create a comforting ambience perfect for moments of relaxation and indulgence. Why not take it one step further and indulge in your favourite self-care practice too, to really set the scene.


At the centre of the table, candles can also bring us together. Our coloured dinner candles are a great way to dress your dining table this Christmas, adding a central glow to the main event.

Gather around and share your experiences, your favorite scents and the powerful memories they evoke.

Adding warmth

Lighting a candle feels like a sacred ritual, it goes beyond the aesthetic and fragrance. Having a candle burning in your home in the depths of chilly winter is like a little ray of sunshine seeing us through until spring blooms, adding warmth and ambience to any occasion.

This Christmas we encourage you to burn that candle. Just not at both ends!

Share your St. Eval candle experiences with us on social, @stevalcandles, or email We'd love to hear which festive favourites you are enjoying at the moment.


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    Sara-Jayne McKinty