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Fragrance Friday | Lemon & Thyme

Fragrance Friday | Lemon & Thyme

Here at St. Eval we are constantly finding inspiration in the beauty of the natural world as we curate our range of over thirty fragrances and conjure new and exciting scents.

Reminiscent of balmy evenings and days spent in the sunshine, our Lemon & Thyme fragrance combines zesty and herbal notes to transport you to your favourite summer scenes.



With a naturally high vitamin content, lemons are a great way to boost the immune system and fend off cold and flu, and are a staple in lots of herbal remedies. Not only are they good for our health, but with their distinctively sharp flavour they're also delicious; garnishing our favourite drinks, flavouring the best sour sweets, and adding a hint of zest to elevate simple meals, lemons are put to use in many areas of the kitchen.

Outside of their uses in cooking and medicine, lemons have a vibrant history in myth and folklore, sometimes symbolic of purification and friendship, and at other times lemons representing bitterness and disappointment. Thought to have originated in India, Lemons have a strong presence in Indian beliefs, superstition, and mythology, and shopkeepers would once hang strings of lemons in their doorways to keep Alakshmi, the goddess of misery and poverty, at bay.



Celebrated for its earthy, savoury taste, thyme is a staple in many home kitchens and is often grown in garden patches or on kitchen window sills by budding chefs who like to keep the herb close at hand. Like lemons, thyme also has a long association with medicine, and before the invention of modern antibiotics it's oil was used to medicate bandages.

Thyme has also long been viewed as a symbol of courage, women used to give gifts of thyme leaves to knights and warriors, hoping to imbue them with its bravery. It's also said that fairies take to sleeping in patches of thyme plants, providing a resting spot for these magical creatures.

A delightfully soothing fusion of zesty and aromatic, our Lemon & Thyme fragrance combines the invigorating scent of freshly picked lemons and crushed time on a cedarwood base to create a perfectly balanced fragrance that's perfect for brightening and refreshing any space. Available in our Summer Folk Range, Lemon & Thyme is the perfect way to uplift any space this summer. Shop Lemon & Thyme here.

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