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Fragrance Friday | Camomile Lawn

Fragrance Friday | Camomile Lawn

Here at St. Eval we feel truly blessed to live and work closely surrounded by the stunning Cornish outdoors, and we’re lucky to have such a gorgeous source of inspiration right on our doorstep. We're constantly conjuring up new and exciting fragrances, taking our inspiration from the beauty of nature and our close affinity with the natural world.

After a meadow of wild camomile was discovered on the farm here at St. Eval, we couldn’t help being inspired by this wonderful scent and we created our Camomile Lawn fragrance to evoke the wonderful feelings of joy that come from being surrounded by pretty wildflowers in summertime.

Now, years later, we are delighted to unveil this scent again, commemorating the opening of our brand-new factory space and the wildlife conservation area and pond we now have here at St. Eval, this scent really is a celebration of the natural world and all its beauty. Taking you behind the fragrance, in this week's Fragrance Friday we're exploring the wonderful uses and mythologies of the pretty camomile plant.

Camomile Flwoer

Camomile has been celebrated for centuries not only for its natural wildflower beauty, but also for its benefits as a herbal medicine. Camomile is said to be a wonderful aid for anxiety and sleeplessness as it contains apigenin, which promotes sleepiness and relaxation; camomile tea is a popular way to utilise these benefits, and you'll often find people brewing the delicious herbal drink as they wind down at the end of an evening.

A versatile medicine, camomile is also said to help with digestive problems, boost immune health, improve heart health and benefit blood sugar control! It's also referred to as 'the plant's physician' as it's claimed that if a plant is withering and failing to thrive, planting camomile nearby could improve the health of the ailing plant.

Perhaps because this daisy-like flower looks so similar to the golden sun, camomile has long been associated with powerful sun gods, from the Egyptian god Ra to Helios, the ancient Greek god of the sun. Aside from this close association with the divine, camomile is symbolic of rest, poise and calmness perhaps due to its use as a relaxant, and is also a symbol of resilience due to its ability to withstand being walked over when planted in gardens and along paths.

Camomile's name is a variation of the Greek words for “earth/close to the ground” and “apple”, and was derived from the appearance of the large round centres of the flowers, and their deliciously sweet scent. Our Camomile Lawn fragrance showcases the fusion of dew soaked chamomile and wildflowers on a base of honey and musk, creating a gorgeous aroma sure to imbue your space with a calming and relaxing ambience. Poured in our scented tins and adorned with our timeless kraft packaging, Camomile Lawn can be beautifully enjoyed either in the home or in a garden space. Shop the Camomile Lawn fragrance here.

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