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Renew, Reuse & Recycle

Renew, Reuse & Recycle

Here at St. Eval, people and planet are at the heart of everything we do. Being based on a working farm, we are acutely aware of just how important the environment is and how vital it is that we look after it.

We love that we can produce our own renewable energy via wind, solar and biomass to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment and are continuously looking at ways to further support our sustainability ethos.

From recyclable packaging to reducing our waste and encouraging customers to reuse their candle containers, we can all do our bit to help encourage a circular economy. Reduce, reuse, renew and recycle is our company-wide policy and culture.

Environmentally Friendly

We source recycled packaging wherever we can and are working hard to eliminate single-use plastics from our ranges completely, with our aim to be plastic-free by 2022. Just last year we switched to recyclable cardboard gift boxes for our dinner candles and for our hand soap and lotion gift sets too.

Anemone Florist, stockist image

With our packaging, our first port of call is to reuse and we do this with our dinner candles and church candles boxes. We make a point to source environmentally friendly paper (FSC Certified) for everything from our candle labels through to marketing materials.

This last year alone, we successfully removed all bubble wrap and similar from our despatch packaging, favouring recycled paper for wrapping and cardboard from our shredder for void fill, as well as moving to the use of paper packaging tape as an alternative to the plastic-based cello tapes.

Simon Godfrey, Customer Video

In the Factory, we are meticulous about recycling and reusing packaging where we can. We recently purchased an industrial cardboard shredder to reuse surplus as packing fill for our deliveries which has been a huge success alongside our paper packing, opting to recycle and reduce packaging to help protect the environment.

Creative Pot Recycling

When we design our candles, we keep in mind that the product's lifetime goes beyond when the wax is finished so you are left with a beautiful container to repurpose afterwards. Here are some of our favourite ways to repurpose your St. Eval candle containers.

Create a plant pot for potting plants and flowers…

 Candle tins as beautiful planters

 A vase for freshly cut flowers from the garden…

Vase for freshly cut flowers

Or maybe even a trinket holder! 

Trinket holder

Removing Leftover Wax

Before you can reuse your candle pot, you must ensure the leftover wax is removed safely and carefully. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill   your container with boiling water and gently leave it sit for 10-20 minutes (the heat from the boiling water will melt the wax)
  2. Once the wax has softened, either drain the water and carefully scoop out the melted wax or leave it cool and the wax will then rise to the top for you to easily remove
  3. The inside of the pot can then be washed using warm water and soap to finish.

Another popular candle wax removal method is freezing which shrinks the wax. Simply place your candle pot in the freezer overnight. In the morning, take the container out of the freezer and turn upside down—the lump of wax should pop right out. If it doesn’t, use a spoon to press down on a corner of the wax to easily lift and remove.

(TIP: Please remember to remove all remaining wax – and wick – first and dispose of in the bin, not in the sink as wax will clog your drain very easily!)

Here at St. Eval, our candles are designed with the environment in mind. We tread softly on the earth, respecting and renewing. As a result, we encourage you all to reuse your St. Eval candle pots and tins. There is a whole new lease of life just waiting for them. We’d love to hear from you how you reuse yours, please share with us on social @stevalcandles, or via email



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