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Scents of a Cornish summer

Scents of a Cornish summer

Fresh from the hedgerows, discover scents of a Cornish summer…

Sunny afternoons spent exploring dramatic coast paths overlooking turquoise blue seas, finished off with candyfloss sunsets enjoyed on the beach with your toes sinking into the golden sand...

Bring the beauty of Cornwall into your home with scents reminiscent of hazy summer days in our beloved county. From the fresh morning dew-soaked camomile in our fields, hedgerows weaved with honeysuckle adorning our country lanes, to walks atop the rugged Cornish coastline breathing in that fresh sea air and everything in between.

Whether you are lost in the enchantment of a Daphne Du Maurier book or hooked on the romance between Demelza and Ross in beloved Poldark, everywhere you look Cornwall is full of inspiring history, culture, scents and scenery.

Let us inspire you, with the beauty of Cornwall in these five delightful ST. EVAL scents…


A true wildlife ‘hotel’, honeysuckle is a natural climbing plant which provides a haven for all kinds of wildlife. The sweet, heady scent of Honeysuckle, carried on a warm summer breeze, is one of the most delightful scents of the season.

Much like the plant, our Honeysuckle scent weaves romance in your home with its sweet, honeyed notes on a rich, musky base.

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Vintage Rose   

Walking under a rose entwined archway, through to a bright garden abundant with exquisite roses in all shapes and sizes, immediately you will be lost in the sweet yet delicate scent of roses in full bloom.

Soft, feminine and elegant, Vintage Rose fills the air with a fresh, floral scent just like the dew-soaked petals of a rose bush in September.

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Wild Gorse

With its robust character and striking appearance, it’s hard to miss the pretty yet prickly yellow buds of Gorse bushes which adorn the moorland and clifftops around Cornwall. A haven for nesting birds, its dense structure also provides an important refuge for wildlife in harsh weather (which Cornwall has a lot of!).

‘Wild Gorse’ evokes the feeling of a summer stroll along the South West coast path, enjoying the sunset and kaleidoscope of colour that dusk brings; a deliciously sweet vanilla bean base topped with a hint of creamy coconut. 

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Camomile Lawn

After a meadow of wild camomile flowers was discovered on the farm here at St. Eval, we couldn't help but be inspired by this wonderful scent. This sparked the creation of beautiful ‘Camomile Lawn’. Did you know, in the Middle Ages camomile was popular as a remedy for sleep, fevers and skin conditions? It is still popular today in cordials, teas and even food with many suspected health benefits.

Fresh and floral with herbal tones, this gentle fragrance is perfect for bringing the outdoors indoors and will transport you to a camomile meadow brimming with pretty white flowers and their soft yellow centres.

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Sea Salt

A simple walk along the rugged Cornish coastline, breathing in the fresh, salty sea air, is the perfect way to clear your mind, body and soul and to relax, with the soothing sound of crashing waves.

‘Sea Salt’ perfectly captures that feeling - with unique ozonic and citrus scents, reminiscent of the ocean and that fresh Cornish sea breeze.

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We hand over to Daphne Du Maurier to end this post, from an insert in her book ‘Enchanted Cornwall’, which some describe as a “love letter” to our beautiful Cornwall.

"I walked this land with a dreamer’s freedom and with a waking man’s perception – places, houses whispered to me their secrets and shared with me their sorrows and their joys.  And in return I gave them something of myself, a few of my novels passing into the folk-lore of this ancient place."

(from page 7, Enchanted Cornwall by Daphne Du Maurier, Penguin Group 1989)

Do you have a ST. EVAL fragrance which reminds you of Cornwall we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear your own personal thoughts and experiences; we are home to over 30 unique fragrances, each inspiring memories and evoking sensations, so do get in touch to share your story with us @stevalcandles.