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World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day

Held every year on the 8th of June by The United Nations, World Oceans Day is devoted to raising awareness about protecting our ocean, highlighting our duty to use its resources sustainably and championing collaborative conservation. 

Recently, world leaders made a global commitment to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030 with a campaign called "30x30". To create a healthy ocean with abundant wildlife and to stabilize the climate, it’s critical that 30% of our planet’s lands, waters, and ocean are protected.

Here in Cornwall, many of our communities are deeply connected to the ocean. Surrounded by its sublime beauty we rely on our seas for thriving tourism and fishing industries, and moments of calm mindfulness to reconnect with nature. Those special moments strolling along the sand, wandering the coastal paths, or venturing in the water are memories we cherish. 

At St. Eval we're also deeply inspired by the ocean and its serene beauty, taking influence from its gorgeous depths for many of our collections and fragrances. We feel keenly the responsibility that falls on us to make sustainable choices that preserve and protect the ocean for future generations and so for World Ocean Day we're sharing some tips for how we can all get involved to support these important pledges.

Respect the ocean and the coast

Perhaps one of the easiest ways that we can protect our ocean is by committing to respecting it; we don't have to stop enjoying the ocean and its beauty in order to protect it. If you're out sailing, wild swimming, or just enjoying time on the shore, ensure that you follow any local guidelines in place for protecting wildlife and take any litter with you when you go, leaving nature as you found it.

Avoid single-use plastics

Many single-use plastics eventually make their way into our oceans and as they can take hundreds of years to break down, the effect that this can have on wildlife can be devastating. Try to remain mindful of the products that you're using, and where you can, avoid products and packaging that use that use single-use plastics.

Learn more about our ocean and the threats it faces

In order to best protect our ocean it's important that we understand it, and so one of the most important things we can do is learn more about these issues. There are lots of wonderful resources out there full of information, so why not set aside some spare time to have a read about the history of World Ocean Day Mission and History - World Ocean Day, or learn more about our wonderful oceans Learn to Love Nature - Focus on Oceans | WWF?

We hope that World Ocean Day inspires you to celebrate our wondrous oceans. read more about them, and incorporate small changes to help protect our seas.

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