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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

At St. Eval, our values are focused on keeping traditions alive and treading softly on the earth. This World Environment Day, we’re raising awareness and inciting action to protect our environment.

Dedicated to being a force for good and a voice for change, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate our sustainability journey so far, to look toward the future, and to share a few ways we can all make a difference this World Environment Day.  

Nestled amidst the outstanding nature in North Cornwall, we see firsthand the incredible beauty of the coast and countryside and how human life can effect it. Seeking inspiration from the natural world in all that we do, we feel privileged to give back to our environment which plays such a phenomenal and irreplaceable part of our planet.

On the Farm: Sustainability Functions

Passed down from generations, our factory preserves its farm roots and strong relationship to nature. We are immensely proud to be powered by sources of sustainable energy, having installed the UK’s quietest wind turbine in 2011, allowing us to empower nature as we preserve it. Further fuelled by our solar panels and biomass boilers, our newly completed office space and extended factory has provided us with the space for 200 more solar PV panels, developing our degree of sustainable energy and self-sufficiency.

Our Natural World

Driven by our desire to preserve the natural world, we feel its only right to surround ourselves with it. Across our farm you can find various bee hotels, bat and swift nesting boxes sat waiting for visitors. Adding to our wondrous wildlife haven is our pond, our new nature conservation area which preserves the natural environment and encourages an abundance of new life to flourish. Adorned with plants especially chosen to thrive amidst the coast and countryside, our pond serves as a reminder to all who visit how deep our natural roots can grow.

Sustainability: Breaking Down the Business

Focused on creating a circular economy, we operate a zero to landfill policy. By eliminating single use plastics, from our trusted suppliers to our staffs glass bottled milk/ glass bottled milk deliveries, we refuse to contribute to plastic pollution. Becoming a B Corp in 2022 is a huge reflection of our staffs tireless work towards being a force for good, as this achievement showcases our ongoing efforts and dedication to being a business for good, one which treats people and planet with kindness.

Our environment-focused endeavors extend to the charities and projects with which we are proud to collaborate, donating £150,000 to Cornwall Wildlife Trust to support the introduction of beavers at Helman Tor nature reserve. Known as nature’s architects, beavers’ dam-building work heavily influences their habitats and has a hugely positive effect on the wildlife around them. Looking to the future, we’re aiming to reach net zero by 2030, striving for the ultimate circular economy which works in harmony with nature.

Empowering the Community

We believe education is vital for understanding our natural environment, teaching us to appreciate all we have, and helping us understand the ways which we can preserve it. We’ve compiled a small list of little changes you can make in your lives, where possible, to make a difference:

  1. Avoid Single Use Plastic – Invest in nature by using reusable water bottles, coffee cups and recyclable food containers made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo.
  1. Shop sustainably – Buy local products, avoid plastic packaged food or visit food refill stations for the best fresh foods which don’t cost the earth
  1. Beach Clean – Join a local community clean or gather your friends or family, and take ten minutes out of your day to help keep our beaches tidy
  1. Choose to Reuse – A small purchase of a reusable bag for shopping and beyond makes a massive difference in cutting our use of single use plastics
  1. Plastic Free Personal Care – Make the investment in a reusable deodorant, razor, shampoo bar or bamboo toothbrush and reap the rewards of a sustainable product designed to last

On this United Nations organised day, we are reminded of the power which can be found in the individual, businesses and communities, and we are driven to incentivise and actuate change. By maintaining our transparent stance on sustainability we believe we can achieve the systemic change, from actions small or large, aspiring towards a collaborative community and better world where businesses use profit to better people and the planet.

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