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Candle Safety & Top Tips

Candle Safety & Top Tips

Burning a candle is a fine art. Extend the life of your favourite St. Eval candle with our top tips for candle care and safety.

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, we turn to the soft glow of candlelight to create a cosy, inviting ambience and the rich, warming aromas of our favourite scented candle to fill our homes with relaxing scents (SandalwoodOak and Inspiritus are just some of our favourites this time of year).

With candle season in full swing and Halloween on the horizon, we wanted to share with you some important candle wisdom to help keep you safe and ensure you get the most out of your St. Eval candles.

Safety First

Victorian Herb St Eval candles

Our candles come with an important safety label (a white circle label like on the Victorian Herb pot above) to ensure you are well informed on the correct and sensible use of our products. You will usually find this on the base of your St. Eval candle. Please take a moment to read through this to equip yourself with candle safety best practices. 

St. Eval's Top Tips

In addition to standard safety guidelines on the safety label, please see some helpful advice below to remember when using our candles:

1. Ensure the wick is kept trimmed to approximately 5mm in length to control the flame height and burn time. Trimming ensures that the candle will burn evenly, but also helps ensure you will get a nice clean and even burn throughout the lifetime of your candle.

2. Keep the wax pool free of any contaminantsYou want to avoid any debris in your molten wax pool, so don’t leave any burnt matches or wick stubs in there as this is a potential fire hazard and can effect the fragrance.

3. Keep the lid on our tin candles when not in use. This prevents dust from settling on the candle.

4. Avoid burning candles in draughty areas. This encourages an even burn and maximises your candles lifetime.

5. Burn candles for 3-4 hours at a time. This achieves optimum burn performance and longevity for your candle.

6. Never leave a burning candle unattended or around children and pets. 

St Eval Embers tin candle

    Achieving an even burn… It’s all in the first burn!

    The most important rule applies to the very first time you light your candle. For the first burn, you must let the  candle burn long enough to ensure the wax melts all the way to the edges of the candle.

    It may sound crazy, but   wax has a memory. The first time you light and enjoy your new candle sets the stage for how well the candle will perform throughout its life. If you don’t burn your candle long enough on the first burn, then the next time you burn your candle it will only ever burn up to that point, which is how tunneling happens. This is why we cannot stress the importance of the first burn enough as tunneling can easily be avoided if the first burn is done correctly.

    We hope you have found this both useful and informative. If you have any questions, we welcome you to speak to our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help: