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Fragrance Friday | Amber

Fragrance Friday | Amber

Here at St. Eval, we embrace the natural world around us as inspiration for our unique range of over thirty fragrances. This week's Fragrance Friday spotlights Amber, as we unearth its enchanting  scents and its ties to Cornish folklore.

The soft, sweet aroma of Amber is the perfect fragrance as we transition from the haze of summer to the cosy autumn season. This captivating fragrance has notes of sweet honey, vanilla and almond- effortlessly combined with delicate orange blossom and floral peony to bring warmth to any space. Our Amber and Folk Collection candle design artistically depicts birds and an array of the many-coloured fallen leaves, such as the maple leaves, so indicative of Autumn.

Amber – The Sun Stone

Amber Stone


Encapsulating the colours of the sun’s rays with their yellow to orange appearance our Amber candle shines a warm light upon its surroundings, signifying a process of cleansing and renewal. One of the oldest organic materials, with the earliest dating back 130 million years, Amber is composed of fossilized tree resin and is the incredible product of a tree's own healing process. Historically, Amber was treasured as a talisman for courage and self-confidence, a symbolic good luck charm believed to deter the mischievous pixies prominent within Cornish folklore. In a spiritual sense, amber utilizes water energy, washed upon the shores of humanity to create an atmosphere of tranquility and restoration. As a fragrance, Amber brings a rich warmth with its velvet-like blend of vanilla, musk and patchouli.

Honey – For Healing and Rejuvenation



Reiterating our love and appreciation of bees and all that they create and pollenate, our Amber candle immerses your senses with the subtly sweet scent of honey. Known to us most commonly as a sensation of taste within the health and wellness food industry, honey has a magical history explored within spirituality and religion; depicted as an offering of holiness and paradise within The Bible, The Quran and the Rig Veda of Hinduism. Honeys versatility extends into the medicinal world, used as ointments to treat wounds in Ancient Egypt, and for skin ailments and sore throats today due to its exceptional antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A substance at home with the divine, honey revitalizes the skin and mind as its sweet and floral aroma rejuvenates its surroundings.

Almond – To Awaken Our Senses



Native to the Middle East, India and North America, the US is now the largest producer of the beloved Almond. High in Fibre, Protein, Vitamin E and Antioxidants, almonds are bursting with cardiovascular benefits and are popularly eaten raw or roasted, as well as being produced for almond milk, butter, flour or marzipan. Translated as ‘to awake’ in Hebrew, almonds are historically defined as a symbol of rebirth, recreation and regeneration within Judaism. Regarding the spiritual discipline of yoga philosophy rooted in Hinduism, almonds are believed to possess attributes of goodness and purity, helping to calm anxiety and inspire a sense of passion. An almonds soft, bittersweet fragrance with nutty notes resonates beautifully with the earthiness of autumn. Pollinated by wild and honey bees, the almond is fragrantly intertwined with honey in our Amber candle and celebrates the fascinating cohabitation and collaboration of nature.

This trio of natural resources, alongside other vital ingredients like floral peony, orange blossom and vanilla, combine delicately to create a fragrance which charms the senses and mellows its surroundings. Inspired by nature to awaken imaginations, stir creative souls and draw upon enchanting folklore, our Amber fragrance embraces the spirit of autumn and brightens up the indoors. Shop Amber, alongside the whole Folk Collection here.

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