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The Perfect Candles for Autumn

The Perfect Candles for Autumn

Autumn brings with it longer days and darker, cosier evenings, giving the perfect opportunity for us to surround ourselves with comforting fragrances. With Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner, it's a wonderful time of year to adorn the home with candles, conjuring a magical, comforting ambience with the soft glow of candlelight.

Candles are a perfect way to conjure mystery and enchantment in your home and here are just some of our favourite autumn fragrances to complement the season:


St. Eval Sandalwood Scented Mini Bundle

As the weather outside turns colder and gloomier, it's the perfect time of year to wrap up warm and envelop the senses in soothing aromas. Deep and woody, Sandalwood's rich and warming scent blends subtle notes of fresh eucalyptus, herbal bay leaf and earthy patchouli to imbue homes with a comforting, relaxing ambience. We love the scent of Sandalwood in our Fragranced Mini Bundles at this time of year, and paired with our Matte White Mini Holder, it's the perfect way to enjoy this luxurious scent throughout the home.

Shop the Sandalwood fragrance here.


St. Eval Amber Scented Tin, Tealights and Pillar

Taking inspiration from the magical beauty and folklore of Cornwall, our Folk collection of wild Oak, fresh Moss and honeyed Amber engenders great folk stories, awakens imaginations and stirs creative souls making it the perfect collection to accompany the magic and enchantment of October. The soft, warming fragrance of Amber effortlessly combines the sweet notes of vanilla, almond and musk with delicate orange blossom, rose and floral peony for a scent that's sure to delight. Perfect for creating a dreamy, cosy ambience, Amber is a favourite at this time of year and can be enjoyed in twinkling tealights, scented tins or striking pillar candles.

Shop our Amber fragrance here.


 St. Eval Tealights

Evocative of a heart-warming log fire in winter, Embers is a unique fusion of cedarwood and musk coming together with spicy cinnamon and it's a wonderful scent for this cooler time of year. Rich and warming, Embers is sure to help ward off the moody October weather and create your own cosy sanctuary indoors. For cosy weekends spent at home or spooky Halloween gatherings, scatter Ember tealights around your space and enjoy its heady aroma alongside twinkling candlelight for the perfect ambience.

Shop the Embers fragrance here.

Dinner Candles

 St. Eval Charcoal Dinner Candles

October is all about autumnal Halloween festivities, and there's no better way to get into the spirit than decorating your home. Whether you're planning Halloween decor to enchant your guests or looking to create the perfect spooky vibe for your horror movie marathon, our Charcoal Dinner Candles are the perfect choice. Elegant and stylish, these unscented candles are a gorgeous way to set the scene, effortlessly elevating any room. A striking and versatile addition for any style, our Coloured Dinner Candles are the perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. Adding height and elegance to table settings, these gorgeous candles are available in a palette of ten modern and vintage hues to suit any backdrop.

Shop our Dinner Candles here.

Orange & Cinnamon

 St. Eval Orange & Cinnamon Tin

The warming scent of Orange and Cinnamon is a must have at this time of year, inviting you to sit back and relax with its unique fusion of warm and tangy orange and mandarin with hints of spicy cinnamon and aniseed on a base of sweet vanilla. This warm and playful conjures the perfect atmosphere for cosy days spent indoors with loved ones.

Shop our Orange & Cinnamon fragrance here.

Candle Safety 

While we enjoy these gorgeous cosy evenings it's important to make sure that we're being as safe as possible with our candles. Here are some handy safety tips that we recommend following as you enjoy your St. Eval candles:

1. Ensure the wick is kept trimmed to approximately 5mm in length to control the flame height and burn time. Trimming ensures that the candle will burn evenly, but also helps ensure you will get a nice clean and even burn throughout the lifetime of your candle.

2. Keep the wax pool free of any contaminantsYou want to avoid any debris in your molten wax pool, so don’t leave any burnt matches or wick stubs in there as this is a potential fire hazard and can affect the fragrance.

3. Keep the lid on our tin candles when not in use. This prevents dust from settling on the candle.

4. Avoid burning candles in draughty areas. This encourages an even burn and maximises your candles lifetime.

5. Burn candles for 3-4 hours at a time. This achieves optimum burn performance and longevity for your candle.

6. Never leave a burning candle unattended or around children and pets. 

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