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Fragrance Friday | Orange & Cinnamon

Fragrance Friday | Orange & Cinnamon

Here at St. Eval, we take inspiration for our range of over thirty fragrances from the stunning natural beauty of the natural world, constantly conjuring up beautiful scents that fill the home with wonderful ambience.

Scent has a wonderful way of evoking strong feelings and emotions, and when we envisioned a winter scent we were drawn to the idea of a spicy, citrus blend to evoke warm, uplifting feelings even in the cooler months. In this week's Fragrance Friday, we're taking you behind the fragrance of Orange & Cinnamon, one of our best loved winter aromas.



Once a symbol of status and wealth, oranges are now widely popular and found in everything from savoury recipes and sweet treats to fragrances and skincare with their zesty and sweet scent making them a firm favourite for many.

Originating from South East Asia, oranges are not only versatile in their culinary uses, but they're also a tasty way to include important vitamins into your diet as these sweet, tangy fruits contain more vitamin C than any other citrus fruit. Gifting oranges when unmarried is said to symbolise a desire to marry the recipient, and from the ancient Greek's to the Victorians and beyond oranges have symbolised fertility, youth and innocence.

For many people schooled here in England, oranges are symbolic of the festive period, evoking memories of Christingle, a Christian tradition observed around the country where children decorate oranges with candles, ribbons and dried fruit to symbolically represent the Christian beliefs behind Christmas celebrations.



A versatile spice obtained from the bark of several species of tree, cinnamon is widely used in cooking, and has long been used in herbal medicine and celebrated for its abundance of antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Now popular for its delicious taste and aromatic smell, cinnamon was hailed by the ancient Egyptians as a gift to the gods, and it even had its own creature in Greek Mythology; the Cinnamologus, or giant cinnamon bird, was said to inhabit Arabia, collecting coveted cinnamon sticks and stealing them away to build its nests.

While cinnamon is adored year-round, there's no denying that at Christmas it comes into its own and it has become synonymous with the festive season. Cinnamon was first enjoyed at Christmas as it was used as a preservative, and it was important that the huge feasts over the holidays had enough of the spice on hand; now though, you'll find cinnamon in everything from sweet treats to spicy dishes and you'll even find cinnamon sticks decorating your Christmas tree simply because we all love it so much.

Orange & Cinnamon Hot Cocoa

Christmas Hot Cocoa

As you conjure the perfect cosy vibe with the delicious scent of Orange & Cinnamon, why not indulge in a luxurious tasty treat? We love to complement this festive scent by wrapping up warm and enjoying the taste of this wonderful duo.

To make your simple Orange & Cinnamon hot cocoa, you'll need:

  • 250ml of your milk of choice
  • 1tbsp cocoa
  • zest of half an orange
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 25g of your favourite chocolate, finely chopped
  • pinch of salt
  • garnish of your choice
  1. Combine your ingredients in a pan over medium heat, whisking until your chocolate has melted and your cocoa has dissolved.
  2. Once everything has melted and your hot cocoa is warm enough, pour into your favourite mug and garnish however you like; we love to top ours with marshmallows and shaved chocolate for the perfect finishing touch.
  3. The wonderful thing about the recipe is that you can truly make it your own, tweaking the flavour until it's perfect!

Just like the flavours in our delicious cocoa treat, we love the fusion of Orange & Cinnamon's spicy and citrus notes, blending harmoniously together on a base of sweet vanilla.

Recalling beautiful nostalgia of Christmas's past and imbuing the home with a warming, welcoming vibe Orange & Cinnamon truly is a perfect addition to cooler, darker evenings in the run up to the festive period, beautifully scenting your space during the festive period.

Available in a range of striking festive candles, discover the Orange & Cinnamon range here.

Which of your favourite St. Eval scents should we explore next? Let us know which fragrance you'd like us to feature in our next Fragrance Friday by getting in touch via email to, or via socials @stevalcandles.

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