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Reading Inspiration | The Island Legacy by Ruth Saberton

Reading Inspiration | The Island Legacy by Ruth Saberton

Ready for a sense of mystery, romance and courage all surrounding a breathtaking castle set on a picturesque island in Cornwall? Discover the story of how inheriting an island brings its fair share of events.

Set on the quaint and vibrant coastline and island of a fictitious village in Cornwall, The Island Legacy by Ruth Saberton captures the pure beauty of what living by the seaside can bring. Intertwining different perspectives, follow the journey of how one inheritance can change the course of people’s lives for better or for worse.

The story is centred around a magnificent, decaying castle set on St. Pirran’s Island, inherited by Nessa from her Uncle Armand, whom she has never met or heard of. Swapping her exotic lifestyle in America, Nessa flies to the other half of the world to discover the story beneath this unexpected turn of events. Greeted by her newly discovered relatives and residents of the island, Nessa soon finds she is not welcomed by all and is surrounded by debts inherited by the castle with no miracle source of income. 

Next enters Max, the property developer, who’s dream has always been to own St. Pirran’s Island. With the perfect opportunity presenting itself, the wealthy and wickedly handsome Max uses his charm to try and persuade Nessa to sell the island to him and free her of her debt. However, the question is, are his intentions pure as they seem? With not just the island’s future at stake, Nessa has to help save the castle’s residents and is determined to find the strength to do it all alone. As the months unfold and bitter relatives plot and circumstances begin to spiral out of control, Nessa has to decide who she can trust with both the island legacy and her heart. The truth as to why she was chosen to inherit the island, and not her cousins, is just at her fingertips…

With relative feuds and heart-warming romances in amongst the story of a woman troubled by the mystery of her parent’s past, The Island Legacy is the book we could not put down! Ruth Saberton has beautifully told the story of how passion and determination can shape your outlook on life, and the power of not giving up when faced with difficult decisions. Family values are neatly interwoven through the main characters stories, with all of the island’s residents joining together and sharing the burden of St. Pirran’s problems; a very moving addition to the story. The picturesque setting of the unique island helps to tell the tales of Uncle Armand’s past and guide the troubles of those living to preserve the precious island legacy. Living by the sea is an idyllic destination, where you can bask in the sun on the beach or sit on the pier eating fish and chips whilst watching the waves crash against the island’s causeway – what more could you want!

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