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Spooky Halloween Inspiration

Spooky Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is just over a week away and we’re getting ready to dress our homes in preperation. From being placed inside pumpkins to scattered around your home, candles are an essential part of setting your spooky Halloween scene!

Whether it’s for a Halloween party or curled up watching a classic horror film from behind your cushion, there is nothing quite like the flickering flame of candlelight to add an eerie atmosphere to your space and set the tone.

Simply turn off the lights, light your candle and let the spooky magic happen…

Candles are a perfect way to conjure mystery and enchantment in your home and here are just some of our favourites for Halloween.

St. Eval Scented Tealights

Scented Tealights

Place inside your pumpkin or add to a special tealight holder and watch in awe as the flickering flames create a ghostly ambience.

Our spooky favourites are the distinctive, aromatic and woody scent of Sandalwood, comforting aroma of a roaring log fire with Embers or the zesty, citrus spice of Orange & Cinnamon.

Did you know that technically sandalwood trees aren’t trees? They are plants that attach themselves to the roots of other trees and slowly grow up and around them - very sinister!

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St. Eval Folk Collection

Fragranced Pillar Candles

Our scented and coloured pillar candles are perfect to complement your Halloween décor and give off a spooky and mysterious feel. Display on one of our candle plates and fill the room with comforting fragrances and the reassuring glow of candlelight. 

Our Amber Folk Pillar is the perfect addition to your home cinema setting this Halloween, the soft, honeyed scent with warming musk will bring comfort during those jumpy scenes!

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St. Eval Classic Church Pillar Candles

⁠Church Pillar Candles

Simple and elegant, our range of classic church candles are perfect for adding depth and drama to your home. Beautiful in lanterns or on a candle plate, choose from a variety of sizes to create an attractive yet enchanting display.

Why not mix and match with carved pumpkins, squashes, spiders, skulls and other Halloween décor to up the scare factor!

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St. Eval Charcoal Dinner Candles

Charcoal Dinner Candles

We have a great selection of dinner candles as the perfect trick for your Halloween dining table, including our favourite deep Charcoal and striking Red to make your décor really stand out. Or, if green is your spooky theme, our Olive and Woodland Green dinner candles will evoke bubbling cauldrons and magical potions.

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Spooky Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is a special and unique time of the year when many believe that the spirit world can make contact with the physical world! A night when magic in the air is at its most potent…

How will you be spending Halloween this year?

Whether it’s trick or treating with friends or family, a spooky soirée or simply staying in with popcorn and a classic horror movie, we’d love to know! Share how St. Eval is a part of your Halloween celebrations with us on social, @stevalcandles, or on email

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