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Shining a Light | Unseen UK

Shining a Light | Unseen UK

Our newest collection Love, Hope & Freedom features a trio of gorgeous tins, designed by a final year illustration student from Falmouth University. This special collection has been created in collaboration with UK charity Unseen, with £1 from the sale of each tin candle going towards their vital work.

We are proud to support Unseen with their vital work, and recently donated to their Big Give Christmas Challenge, which raised an amazing £102k which will help them to continue their live changing work. With this collection we are honoured to continue our support for Unseen.

Who are Unseen?

Unseen are a UK anti-slavery charity working towards a world without modern slavery, providing safe houses and support in the community for survivors of trafficking and modern slavery.

From identifying victims, helping them get to safety and rebuild their lives, to raising awareness and advocating for changes in legislation and business practice, Unseen work tirelessly to create a world where no one has to live in fear of slavery or exploitation.

How will our donations help?

With this special collection our aim is to raise as much money as possible for this incredible charity, going towards the life changing and vital work that they do, supporting and advocating for those whose lives are affected by modern slavery and trafficking.

Just £13 could provide a week’s worth of warm nourishing food to a safehouse resident, £26 could pay for phone calls home to loved ones, letting them know that they’re safe, and £50 could train a frontline professional to spot a potential victim of slavery and provide crucial support.

The following stories are from survivors who, with the life-changing help of Unseen, are recovering and rebuilding their lives.

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Priscilla’s story

“I have seen changes in my life. I was unable to make decisions for myself before. Now I make my own decisions. I’m happy that I can do things by myself now.”

Trapped in a family’s private home, abused, and used as their slave, Priscilla lived in horrendous conditions for years until, one day, she managed to escape. After a brief time living on the streets, she was referred to the Unseen Women’s Safehouse where she was supported through the ongoing effects of her trauma. She received trauma counselling, took part in regular relaxation sessions, music therapy, cooking and nutrition classes, and her mental health improved.

As her independence increased Priscilla eventually moved out of the safehouse into our survivors in the community programme. This was the first time that Priscilla had lived alone for years. Her caseworker, Daisy, supported her to build her confidence and encouraged her to start volunteering in her community. Today Priscilla has a busy life volunteering in a local charity shop, attending weekly English language classes, and seeing her small group of friends.

It has taken a long time for Priscilla to get here. She is still recovering but is moving on with her life.

Beth’s story

“There is a little bit of sunshine visible here, being in this house,” she says. “I feel like I have been saved.”

After Beth’s father died, life in Nigeria became hard as the family struggled to pay the bills. With debts mounting, increasing threats of violence against her, and genuinely fearing for her life, Beth fled Nigeria heading to the UK.

Not long after arriving Beth was trafficked into a criminal network and became a victim of criminal exploitation. The criminals threatened physical and sexual violence in order to make her do what she was told. “I just had to do what I could to survive,” she says. During an attempted scam, Beth was arrested. The police recognised she was a victim of modern slavery and brought her to Unseen’s women’s safehouse.

With the support of Unseen, she has been able to access therapy to help her to relax with the team providing exercise sessions to help relieve her stress. Beth has big dreams about her future and wants to enter formal education here in the UK. “I am a very ambitious person. I am ready to contribute whatever I have learnt.”

We are so proud that the money we will raise with this special collection will go towards helping more individuals like Priscilla and Beth.

To find out more about Love, Hope and Freedom and to shop the collection visit here.

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