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Mindful Resolutions for the New Year

Mindful Resolutions for the New Year

As we venture into a new year we start dreaming of where it might take us. January is a time symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts, a month where we find ourselves full of anticipation for the year ahead. Setting resolutions during January is a fun way to challenge ourselves with something new or renew our commitment to goals we made last year.

We've put together some important tips to keep in mind as you set your intentions for 2022:

Resolutions that come from the right place

This New Year, try to give yourself a few quiet moments to evaluate how your resolutions make you feel. Light one of your favourite St. Eval candles, switch off from the world and allow yourself the time to think through your hopes and aspirations for the coming months. As you make your resolutions, remember to set them according to where you want to see yourself - resolutions that we set under outside pressure aren't likely to be the ones that stick with us through the year. Try to think about goals that will bring you happiness and start from there!

Set manageable goals

Whether you're re-setting resolutions from previous years or embarking on something entirely new, remember to set manageable expectations for yourself. Setting smaller goals that contribute to a bigger picture, rather than setting one huge resolution, can be a great way to challenge yourself whilst staying mindful of your own boundaries. Resolutions should foster excitement and not dread, so remember to take them at your own pace.

 Resolve to practice some self care

Resolving to dedicate time to self-care and mindfulness can remind you just how important it is to take care of your wellbeing. Everyone's needs are different, so maybe resolve to try out some different kinds of self-care and see what works for you! We recommend giving yourself a moment of calm by surrounding your space with your favourite scented candles and relaxing with a good book, or getting out into nature and enjoying beautiful scenery on long walks into your local surroundings.

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Whatever you decide to manifest for the year ahead we'd love to hear about it! Share with us on social, @stevalcandles or email us,