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Nature's Garden | Story of the Butterfly

Nature's Garden | Story of the Butterfly

In quiet moments under the warmth of the summer sunshine you'll discover an enchanting sight as butterflies flit from one flower to the next, delicate wings dancing gracefully on the breeze. With gorgeous colours intricately patterned like the petals of exotic flowers, these dainty insects are a joy to witness as they visit our meadows and gardens.

These fascinating insects serve as the inspiration behind one of our newest candle pots, so we’ve dedicated this special blog to them and their remarkable lives.

Superstition and Symbolism

You'll find butterfly motifs being celebrated widely nowadays, used to decorate everything from jewellery and clothing to accessories and home décor, but our love for these beautiful winged insects goes back hundreds of years. Since ancient times, butterflies have been viewed across cultures as a symbol for the human soul as it's said that their delicate wings can carry them between this world and the next.

Butterflies live truly remarkable lives, going through a four-stage life cycle developing from eggs into caterpillars, and then entering a chrysalis where the final stage of their metamorphosis takes place and they emerge as stunning butterflies. Due to this extraordinary life cycle of change, butterflies are widely associated with transformation and are celebrated as symbols of hope, rebirth and new beginnings.

Perhaps one of the sweetest superstitions relating to butterflies originates in Japan, where it is said that a butterfly entering your guest room signifies that the person you love most is coming to see you.

Environmental Importance

Attracted to bright and vibrant flowers butterflies feed on their nectar, flying from one flower to the next to feed which makes them an important pollinator as they spread pollen from flower to flower. The growth of many species of flowers, fruits and vegetables is dependent on pollination from species like butterflies, making them a key part of maintaining biodiversity, and a vital part of our environment.

Butterflies and caterpillars play a big role in the food chain, providing a food source for many species of bird and small animal, and they are also vastly important to scientists as indicators of a healthy ecosystem, due to the fact that areas rich in butterflies and moths are often rich in other invertebrates. 

St. Eval Nature's Garden Butterfly Pot

Taking inspiration from butterflies, their beauty, and their significance to our ecosystem, we crafted a candle that celebrates these wonderful creatures. Part of our Nature’s Garden collection which celebrates our close affinity with the natural world, these pretty pots are adorned with charming butterfly carvings and paired with our delightful new Sweet Pea fragrance, a soft, delicate aroma of sweet orangeflower, rose and pink pepper with notes of musk and tuberose.

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